Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Quest That Are Easy To Miss


  • Baldur’s Gate 3 is packed with incredible fantasy quests, many of which are optional and easy to miss.
  • Some quests involve finding hidden items or characters in obscure locations throughout the game.
  • Players should explore off the beaten path and be attentive to initiate and complete these quests for unique rewards and experiences.

Larian Studios have managed to pack as much content into Baldur’s Gate 3 as possible, and all of them hit the marks for incredible fantasy quests. So many of these amazing quests, though, are completely optional and scarily easy to miss.


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Whether it’s a minor questline in act one that comes to a surprising climax in the third act, a potential companion hidden in the back end of nowhere, or simply a quest giver waiting for help somewhere off the beaten path, all three acts have some great quests that are very easy to miss. The following Baldur’s Gate 3 quests are ones that players may benefit from going out of their way to find.

Updated January 8, 2024, by Nyah Payne: Larian certainly ended 2023 on a high, as Baldur’s Gate 3 won the prestigious Game Of The Year award at the VGAs. That wasn’t their only win, as Larion Studios swept the 2023 Game Awards. Larian shows no signs of slowing down, and the critically acclaimed RPG still has plans with the New Year. With Baldur’s Gate 3’s release on Xbox Series X|S and the release of the challenging Honour Mode, there is still plenty to see and do in Baldur’s Gate 3. And it remains true that some of these experiences are scarily easy to miss in BG3.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead for Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

13 Find Dribbles The Clown

Dribbles’s Remains Can Be Found Throughout Baldur’s Gate

Baldurs Gate 3 Dribbles

  • Act: 3
  • Location: The Circus Of The Last Days
  • Rewards: Spellmight Gloves
  • NPCs: Lucretious

It’s not all that hard to stumble across the start of this questline, in fact, most players probably will. It is initiated by being attacked by the fake ‘Dribbles The Clown’ in The Circus Of The Last Days, and then talking to Lucretious, the head of the circus. The challenge comes as the quest turns out to be a scavenger hunt to find the dismembered body parts of the real Dribbles, and there are a fair few of them!

Players will need to find his hand, torso, pelvis, arm, leg, foot, and head. To hone the search, these can be found in the circus, the Open Hand Temple cave, a house in the Lower City with a blue locked door, the basement of Peartree House and Lavernica’s House, the Rainforest’s Home, and Bhaal’s Temple respectively.

12 Return The Locket

Follow Barth After Entering The Druid’s Grove

Baldur's Gate 3, Tiefling Child Meli Being Confronted By Human Barth

  • Act: 1
  • Location: Druid’s Grove
  • Rewards: N/A
  • NPCs: Meli, Barth

This quest is encountered in the Druid’s Grove, one of the first places players will encounter, but proves surprisingly easy to miss. It involves the theft of a locket belonging to Barth by the tiefling child, Meli.

While players can actually see the theft in action, Barth will eventually attack the child and be dragged off by the guards, all while the player remains blissfully ignorant that there was ever a quest to be found. To interact with this quest, it is best to follow Barth after Aradin has had his spat with Zevlor.

11 Search The Cellar

Enter The Trapdoor In The Blighted Village


  • Act: 1
  • Location: The Blighted Village
  • Rewards: The Necromancy Of Thay
  • NPCs: N/A

This act one quest has a few elements that make it easy to miss. Firstly, the cellar itself can be hard to find. It is in the first building players are likely to approach in the Blighted Village, near where the ambush is set up. The trapdoor to the cellar can be easy to miss, as it is behind a bar in this house.

The cellar has a lot of goods that make it worth exploring, notably a scroll to summon a cheeky quasit, but players will really be looking for The Necromancy Of Thay, a sinister book that is hidden behind the magic mirror in the cellar. In order to open the book, players will also need to find a Dark Amethyst in the Whispering Depths.

10 Rescue Wulbren

Players Must Rescue Wulbren From The Moonrise Prison

Baldur's Gate 3 Barcus Wroot Tied To Windmill

  • Act: 1
  • Location: The Blighted Village
  • Rewards: N/A
  • NPCs: Barcus Wroot, Wulbren Bongle

This act one quest can be started in a few ways. Players can rescue a deep gnome, Barcus Wroot, initially from the Blighted Village where he has been strapped to a windmill, and then from Grymforge. Both times, he will tell them about his missing friend, Wulbren. In Grymforge, he reveals that Wulbren has been taken to Moonrise Towers.

It is easy to get caught up in challenging Ketheric Thorm, and players can miss the opportunity to infiltrate the prison and release Wulbren, along with his fellow gnomes and some tiefling refugees. Players should travel to the Last Light Inn and tell Barcus about Wulbren’s fate, otherwise he will assume the worst.

9 Deal With The Devil

Talk To Helsik At The Devil’s Fee

Baldur's Gate 3 Raphael As Devil

  • Act: 3
  • Location: The Devil’s Fee
  • Rewards: The Orphic Hammer, Amulet Of Greater Health, Gauntlets Of Frost Giant Strength
  • NPCs: Raphael, Hope, Helsik

This act three quest takes players to Avernus. It can be initiated in Sharess’ Caress and involves a deal with Raphael. He wants players to give him the Crown Of Karsus in exchange for the Orphic Hammer, the only thing that can free Orpheus from the Astral Prism.

A deal with Raphael isn’t the only way to get the Orphic Hammer, though. Helsik at The Devil’s Fee can break players into Raphael’s House Of Hope. The trip is a memorable one worth engaging with, just make sure the player’s party is definitely ready to dance with a devil beforehand.

8 Lift The Shadow Curse

Must Fight Malus Thorm And The Fey Child Oliver

Baldur's Gate 3 Oliver

  • Act: 2
  • Location: The Last Light Inn
  • Rewards: N/A
  • NPCs: Art Cullagh, Malus Thorm, Oliver, Thaniel

Lifting the shadow curse is very specific, making it easy to leave the land cursed. This doesn’t sit well with a potential companion, Halsin, whose personal quest is intertwined with it. Players speak to an unconscious Flaming First, Art Cullagh, in The Last Light Inn. Art can only say the name Thaniel, intriguing Halsin. Players must wake Art so he can share his knowledge.

Retrieve his lute from Malus Thorm in the House Of Healing then defend Halsin while he retrieves Thaniel from the Shadowfell. Thaniel returns weak, like part of him is missing. His missing half, Oliver, lives in the Ruined Battlefield. Taking Halsin to him allows players to convince him to reunite with Thaniel, ending the curse and gaining Halsin’s loyalty.

7 Investigate Cazador’s Palace

Cazador’s Palace Is In The Watchtower In The Lower City

Baldur's Gate 3 Astarion Facing Cazador

  • Act: 3
  • Location: Cazador’s Palace
  • Rewards: Woe, Rhapsody
  • NPCs: Cazador Szarr

This personal quest for Astarion is easy to miss entirely, given that the location of Cazador’s Palace is very tucked away. Heading to Fraygo’s Flophouse and confronting the vampire spawn there can reveal the location but, for those who want to head straight there, Cazador’s Palace can be accessed by climbing up to the central wall of Baldur’s Gate and ascending into the watchtower, right by the Lower City Central Wall waypoint.

Cazador’s Palace can be a little tricky to find if players don’t know where to search. But it is an interesting quest with some challenging combat encounters and a very powerful moment with Astarion, should players have him in their party for this quest.

6 Defeat The Thorms

Investigate The House Of Healing, The Waning Moon, And The Reithwin Tollhouse

Baldur's Gate 3, Thisobald Thorm Drinking With Player Character

  • Act: 2
  • Location: The House Of Healing, The Waning Moon, The Reithwin Tollhouse
  • Rewards: Twist Of Fortune
  • NPCs: Malus Thorm, Thisobald Thorm, Gerringothe Thorm

Defeating the three twisted members of Ketheric’s family is a personal quest for many players. Finding all three can prove challenging, as they are quite spread out and the twisted streets of the Shadow-Cursed Lands can be hard to navigate.


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Malus and Thisobald Thorm can be found in tandem with other quests on the list. Malus is an obstacle to ‘Lift The Shadow Curse’, and encountering Thisobald is likely in ‘Punish The Wicked’. Malus is found in the House Of Healing, Thisobald in The Waning Moon, and Gerringothe Thorm in the Reithwin Tollhouse. All are formidable foes who look and fight like Dark Souls bosses, but all can be defeated through dialogue and lucky dice rolls.

5 Find The Missing Letters

Tara Is On Top Of The Open Hand Temple Roof


  • Act: 3
  • Location: The Open Hand Temple
  • Rewards: Ring Of Blink
  • NPCs: Tara

This innocuous and out-of-the-way quest will delight anyone whose favorite spell is ‘Speak With Animals’. Initiated in act three by talking to Danzo at the Sword Coast Couriers, players discover that multiple letters from the couriers have gone missing. It is worth talking to the pigeons as they are very amusing and also reveal the location the pigeons have been going missing.

For those who don’t want to chat to the feathered friends, players will need to investigate the Open Hand Temple roof, by climbing up the bell tower. It is worth taking Gale on this excursion as the culprit is none other than his beloved tressym, Tara. Convincing her to stop eating important courier pigeons is a lot simpler with her friend by the player’s side.

4 Punish The Wicked

He Who Was Is Found Up The Hill From The Harper Hunting Party

Baldur's Gate 3, He Who Was

  • Act: 2
  • Location: The Shadow-Cursed Lands
  • Rewards: Raven Gloves
  • NPCs: He Who Was, Raven, Madeline

Punish The Wicked is a chilling quest that is easy to miss since the quest giver, He Who Was, is in a pretty hidden part of the Shadow-Cursed lands. He can be found just up the hill from where players run into the hunting party of Harpers. Once players are in the right place, however, he is very recognizable. He is a Shadar-Kai elf casting ‘Speak With Dead’ alongside his pure white raven.

He Who Was wants players to journey to The Waning Moon tavern and collect a ledger belonging to Madeline, the corpse he is speaking to. This most likely involves an encounter with Thisobald Thorm. Return it to He Who Was to take part in a very disturbing trial, resolved by the player. It is an interesting quest that is quite off the beaten track.

3 Free The Artist

Initiated In The Zhentarim Basement And Continued In Baldur’s Gate

Baldur's Gate 3 Oskar Fevras

  • Act: 1
  • Location: Zhentarim Hideout
  • Rewards: N/A
  • NPCs: Oskar Fevras, Mystic Carrion, Thrumbo

This quest, initiated in Act One, is in an obscure location. It picks up again in act three, intersecting with another easily missed quest. Players first meet the artist, Oskar Fevras, in the Zhentarim hideout at Waukeen’s Rest, where he is being held hostage. Players can buy his freedom and he will discuss some relationship troubles.

When they next see him in Baldur’s Gate, he has been possessed by his ex-lover, to the inconvenience of his newly-wed. Players who progress through the aggressively haunted mansion can discover correspondence between Oskar and Mystic Carrion. Carrion agrees to exorcise Oskar if players retrieve his runaway servant, Thrumbo. Thrumbo is hiding in a wardrobe in the house next door to Carrion’s. From there, it’s up to players how they deal with Carrion and free Oskar.

2 Save Mayrina

Auntie Ethel’s Lairs Are Hidden By Illusions

Baldur's Gate 3 Auntie Ethel

  • Act: 1
  • Location: Sunlit Wetlands/Putrid Bog
  • Rewards: Spellmight Gloves
  • NPCs: Bitter Divorce

As with ‘Free The Artist’, the questlines between Mayrina and Auntie Ethel begin in act one and can continue well into act three, tying into other quest lines, such as the quest to ‘Save Vanra’. If players don’t explore the Sunlit Wetlands in Act One, they are liable to miss huge chunks of this beautifully chilling quest.

While it takes some searching around and seeing through illusions in both the Wetlands and The Blushing Mermaid in Baldur’s Gate, as well as stopping in with the hidden hag survivors group, it is a quest that rewards players with both sinister and amusing moments and lovely character progression for Mayrina. It is a quest that reflects the wonder of dark fairytales and shouldn’t be missed, even if it is quite easy to do.

1 Aid The Underduke

Minsc Is Hard To Find In The City Sewers


  • Act: 3
  • Location: The Counting House
  • Rewards: N/A
  • NPCs: Minsc, Nine-Fingers Keene

This quest is hard to stumble upon, and it opens up a potential companion character. The quest leads players to the Counting House, where Nine-Fingers has planned an ambush for The Stone Lord, who happens to be beloved Baldur’s Gate character, Minsc. He seems hostile, following the whims of a shapeshifter masquerading as Jaheira.

Once this fight is over, Minsc can be found in an obscure hideout in the city sewers. Killing ‘Jaheira’ and interacting with Minsc after knocking him unconscious allows the player to recruit Minsc and his miniature giant space hamster, Boo. He is a brilliant companion, and it is criminal how easily this encounter can be missed.