Baldur’s Gate 3: Best One-Time Romanceable Characters


  • Players can engage in one-time romances with various characters in Baldur’s Gate 3, even if they are already in a relationship.
  • These romantic options may have different consequences, such as breaking trust with current partners or upsetting other characters.
  • The game offers a range of unique and sometimes humorous intimate moments with characters like Naoise and The Emperor.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a roleplaying game with plenty for players to get sucked into. Besides exploring the three different acts and saving the world, players may also find themselves looking for love. Every single companion in the game, minus Minsc and Jaheira, can be romanced. However, players may be unaware that there are one-time flings to be had too.


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All of these brief romantic moments can be encountered in the final act of the title when many players are already firmly in a relationship. Thankfully, many of these options won’t cause a rift. Therefore, these are the one-time romance options in Baldur’s Gate 3, ranked.

This Article Contains Spoilers For Baldur’s Gate 3

5 Naoise Nallinto

The Soft-Spoken Wood Elf

A close up of Naoise Nallinto in Baldur’s Gate 3

Arguably, Naoise isn’t an actual romance, though she is one of the available suitors at the brothel known as Sharess’ Caress. Players will encounter this Wood Elf while exploring the establishment. She is in the middle of seeing a client who turns into a Mindflayer after the player interrupts their extremely intimate time together,

Once the player has protected Naoise from this Mindflayer, who she instantly falls in love with as she admires its creation, she thanks the player in her very own special way. While there aren’t any racy scenes, she still makes the player and their party experience ‘Rapture’ by getting them to imagine their life goals and then essentially blessing them. Therefore, although players can still consider this to be a possible one-time romance, it fulfills a romantic moment in a more innocent way.

4 Mizora

A Forbidden Half-Demon

Baldur's Gate 3 cowboy shot of Mizora screenshot

Mizora is another possible fling that players can experience in Baldur’s Gate 3. She will decide to stick around the player’s camp after causing mayhem for Wyll as she forces him to keep his Warlock Pact or abandon his father. If the player doesn’t choose to tell Mizora to pack her bags and leave, she will eventually invite the player to have a night with a half-devil like herself.

Naturally, as the old – or current – Patron of Wyll, sleeping with Mizora when in a romantic relationship with him will completely destroy the partnership the player and Wyll have. This will instantly break his trust and force the player to break up with him. The same goes for Lae’zel, while many of the other characters will be upset with the player but not leave them.

3 Sorn Orlith & Nym

The Drow Twins Of Sharess’ Caress


While Naoise may romantically touch the player’s mind, the available Drow Twins that can also be found in Sharess’ Caress will touch the player, and possibly some other party members, everywhere else. Players have the choice of either sleeping with one or both of the Drow siblings at the same time.


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While players can be in for a wild time sleeping with one of the Drow twins solo, Larian Studios is always up for a bit of fun, and making an intimate moment hilarious. One great example of this is sleeping with the male Drow, Sorn Orlith, who is always being told to do weird things. He genuinely takes joy out of having the most basic romantic moment ever with the player by simply being vanilla. Meanwhile, choosing to sleep with both of them will also have some other interesting options, such as inviting the player’s current romantic partner along, and even the addition of Halsin, who will never back down from a saucy party.

2 The Emperor

Adventurous Mindflayer Romance

Baldurs Gate 3 Romance The Emperor Duke Stelmane Dream Long Rest

Throughout the player’s journey, they will encounter their dream visitor who encourages them to use the gifts given by the tadpole. Eventually, players uncover that this dream visitor is in fact a Mindflayer, though he’s adamant that he only wants to help them. By the final act, players will learn more about The Emperor’s past life through finding its old lair, and also encountering one of his old friends. By getting closer in this way, players will eventually be pulled into the Astral Prism to have a private moment with him.

The Emperor discusses how he feels that he is as close as ever to the player and suggests that they take their relationship one step further. While some players may be put off by the Emperor’s octopus appearance, he can take on the form of the dream visitor once more. Though arguably, sleeping with the Mindflayer itself is a far more exciting experience. While the moment together is incredible, it turns out that The Emperor may have been broadcasting it into the brains of all the player’s companions, though nobody ever says anything and that’s the last time The Emperor talks about it too.

1 Harleep

Learn More Through Lust

Harleep in Baldur’s Gate 3

Mizora isn’t the only devil for players to fool around with in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is arguably one of the best one-time romances a player can have and takes place inside the House of Hope. In the private quarters of Raphael’s house, a demon that looks exactly like Raphael sits on a bed seductively taunting the player closer. The only person that Raphael likes to sleep with is himself and, therefore, the demon Harleep takes a form that looks exactly like him.


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For the player to find out where the key is for a certain door, Harleep will ask to sleep with the player as a little game to find out the answer. Sleeping with Harleep is an interesting experience that can have repercussions afterward, with the seductive demon using the player’s form to sleep with other people later on. Oh, and the player feels it every time. For those who aren’t interested in sleeping with a demon that looks exactly like Raphael, Harleep can even take a more feminine form to sleep with instead, though the repercussions are all the same.