Bada-BING! The 10 Best Sopranos Merch Items To Celebrate Its 25th Anniversary

Fuggedaboudid! These are the best books, clothing, games, and more to celebrate The Sopranos and its 25th anniversary.

The Sopranos is one of the most celebrated television shows of the 2000s. It received a whopping 111 Emmy nominations, winning 21, and won 5 awards out of its 23 Golden Globe nominations. Unbelievably for some who remember watching the show every week as it aired on HBO, The Sopranos is now celebrating its 25th anniversary with a slew of fun promotions, including boiling down each episode into 25-second recaps on TikTok, a cast reunion at Alamo Drafthouse, and new deleted scenes releasing on Max.


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We’ve scoured all of 2000s New Jersey to find you the best Sopranos merch (unfortunately, there’s no Satriale’s Gabagool sold online). All of the items here are relatively affordable and vary in intended use, from home goods and board games to actual shooting scripts from the acclaimed series.

  • The Sopranos Sessions Book

    The Sopranos Sessions

    Released for the show’s 20th anniversary, revisit The Sopranos with renowned television critics Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall. Their book, which became a New York Times bestseller, contains archival notes about The Sopranos from creator David Chase and long-form interviews with him, plus recaps and critical analysis that cover every episode. An affordable gift for the fan who has rewatched the series over and over and is ready to take the next step in their fandom.

  • Untitled (51)

    Men’s Vintage Poker Bowling Shirt

    Bring a Tony Soprano vibe to your wardrobe with this button-down shirt that looks like the ones James Gandolfini wore in the acclaimed series. Available in multiple colors and styles and made with spandex for that extra stretch, you can put on this affordable and fun shirt for a Sopranos Halloween costume, or wear it out to your local Italian restaurant.

  • Tony Soprano Funko Pop and Pop Protector

    Funko The Sopranos Tony Soprano with Duck Pop Exclusive Bundled with Pop Protector

    Get you someone who loves you the way Tony Soprano loves ducks. Funko has memorialized one of The Sopranos’ most iconic metaphors with this Tony Soprano and duck Pop! Featuring a not-too-impressed Tony in his bathrobe, carrying a newspaper and a cigar along with a grey duck, this funny Pop! is a great addition to your Sopranos collection. It also comes with a clear Funko protector, keeping Tony from any dirt, or from getting whacked.

  • Sopranos Family Cookbook

    The Sopranos Family Cookbook: As Compiled by Artie Bucco

    Learn to master the delicious Italian-American cooking on The Sopranos, from arancini to zabaglione. Written in the voice of Nuovo Vesuvio chef Artie Bucco, you can cook 100 recipes from the show and pore over artifacts from the show, like AJ Soprano’s essay on why he likes food, photos from “the old country”, the first-ever Bucco Vesuvio’s menu from 1926, and more. You’ll be saying “mangia” in no time.

  • Woke Up This Morning Book

    Woke Up This Morning: The Definitive Oral History of The Sopranos

    Hear what it was like to shoot The Sopranos, from Christopher Moltesanti and Bobby Baccalieri themselves. Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa, the actors behind those two iconic roles, host the popular podcast Talking Sopranos and in this tome, they reveal the entire history of The Sopranos, answer tons of listener-submitted questions, and even dispel some Sopranos myths. An essential gift for anyone who listens to Talking Sopranos or just wants to know more about the show.

  • Sopranos Complete Series on Blu-Ray

    The Sopranos: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray

    Sure, you can stream The Sopranos online, but if you’re trying to save on monthly subscription costs, want higher visual quality than most streamers, or want access to the special features in this set, you’ll need The Sopranos on Blu-ray. In addition to every episode of the acclaimed series, you’ll also gain access to over five hours of extra content including featurettes, roundtable dinners with the Sopranos cast and crew, deleted scenes, and an interview with the show’s creator, David Chase.

  • Sopranos Monopoly

    The Sopranos Monopoly

    If you’re looking to add some arrabiatta to your game night, look no further than The Sopranos Monopoly. Buy and sell iconic locations like Tony Soprano’s house and Satriale’s Pork Store with Sopranos-themed money and tokens like Tony’s Duck, The Stugots, Dr. Melfi’s Chair, Satriale’s Pig, the Barone Sanitation Truck, and Bobby Bacala’s toy train, before you make your way to Bada-Bing.

  • Bada Bing Neon Sign

    Bada Bing Neon Sign

    Give your gaming setup, man cave, living room, or bedroom a Sopranos touch with this Bada Bing neon light that looks just like the sign in The Sopranos. It’s dimmable and hangs on a metal chain so it can fit any existing aesthetic. Easy to assemble, hang, and light up, it’ll be on your wall faster than you can say “bada bing.”

  • The Sopranos Selected Scripts

    The Sopranos: Selected Scripts

    The Sopranos has been lauded for its performances, cinematography, and even sartorial choices, but none moreso than the writing. Sopranos fans can read five final shooting scripts from the show’s first three seasons, all handpicked by creator David Chase: The Pilot, College, The Happy Wanderer, The Knight in White Satin Armor, and Pine Barrens. There’s also an eight-page photo insert. Perfect for aspiring screenwriters or more literary fans.

  • Sopranos Sweatshirt

    The Sopranos 25th Anniversary Adult Hoodie

    Show off your Sopranos fandom with this cozy sweatshirt, made from a cotton-polyester blend. One of the only official Sopranos 25th Anniversary merch items released by HBO, this hoodie is a great keepsake for television merch collectors or fans who want to wear their love of the Sopranos. 

The Bottom Line, Capisce?

Sopranos fans of all stripes can find something to love on this list. Literary and analytical types will enjoy The Sopranos Sessions, the Selected Scripts, and the Oral History of The Sopranos. Gamers and collectors will want to pick up The Sopranos Monopoly and the Tony Soprano Funko Pop!


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Binge watchers and homebodies will dig The Sopranos Cookbook, the Blu-Ray series, and the hoodie. And the Tony Soprano cosplayers will need the bowling shirt.


Where can I stream The Sopranos?

The Sopranos is streaming on Max.

When did The Sopranos air?

The Sopranos aired from 1999 to 2007.


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