Azurobe catch strategy and weaknesses in Palworld

Azurobe is a powerful miniboss that roams the lake northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings. This Pal is tough and sports a nasty low catch rate, but there are a few things you can do to make the encounter easier. If you want to claim the Lady of the Lake, here’s our Azurobe catch strategy and weaknesses in Palworld.

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How to prepare for the Azurobe fight in Palworld

Image: PC Invasion

The Azurobe encounter is unique as it’s on water at the location in the image above. Fortunately, you can move as usual, but there’s no cover. Because of this, ensure you’re wearing the best armor you have. I went into this fight overprepared with Metal Armor, but Heat/Cold Resistant Pelt Armor will be fine. For a bit of added protection, the Mega Shield is unlocked at Level 16 and grants 260 extra HP.

I recommend bringing some upgraded Sphere’s if you want to catch Azurobe. If you can wait until you’re Level 20, you’ll unlock Giga Spheres, making capturing the Miniboss much easier. 

You’ll rely on your Pals to do most of the damage in this fight, but it’s still worth bringing your best ranged weapon. Any Crossbow will do, although a gun is an excellent choice if you have one. 

Azurobe will mind its own business until you attack. It’s surprisingly mobile and likes to spit projectiles that are hard to avoid. Try to dodge as best you can and keep your distance while your Pal battles for you.

Azurobe Weaknesses and how to catch it

Azurobe catch strategy and weaknesses in Palworld
Image: PC Invasion

Azurobe is a Water/Dragon type and is weak to Electric and Ice. I used my Beakon I hatched from an egg, but any Electric or Ice type at least Level 17 will work. The hardest part of the encounter is ensuring you deal enough damage to weaken Azurobe but not enough to kill.

Keep a close eye on how much health Azurobe loses when your Pal attacks. When Azurobe is close to death, withdraw your Pal and deal any further damage with your weapon. Your guns and crossbows don’t do much damage to Azurobe, but this means you can slowly chip away at their health. I had a decent capture rate when Azurobe had 150HP remaining, so I recommend aiming for that amount before wasting Spheres. 

With decent Spheres and a bit of luck, you’ll leave the lake with a great new Pal in hand. Azurobe is an excellent base Pal with a LV3 Watering stat, and you can even ride it by unlocking its saddle when you reach Level 24.

If you struggle to avoid Azurobes attacks, ensure you’re dodging and flipping as you battle. Check out our guide on how to do these maneuvers if you don’t know how.