September 25, 2023

Avenue Fighter strikes are straightforward sufficient to determine if you’ve bought the tidy in-game photos to comply with. Nonetheless, points come up if you’re following combos which can be written with out pictures. Luckily, the neighborhood has formulated a strategy to write instructions with textual content. The draw back is it’s tremendous complicated for newcomers. With this in thoughts, welcome to our Avenue Fighter 6 Command Information.

Avenue Fighter 6 Command Information

Strikes and combos written this fashion are often referred to as notations. These notations are distinctive to Avenue Fighter and don’t work in different preventing video games. Tekken, for instance, makes use of numbers! First, I’ll clarify single-button inputs, beginning with instructions:  

  • F = Ahead
  • B = Again
  • J = Bounce. You may even see this as U for up.
  • C = Crouch. D for down or Cr for Crouch can also be widespread.
  • S = Standing

Instructions are at all times based mostly on the best way your character is dealing with in comparison with your opponent. F at all times means Ahead towards your opponent, and B represents the route away from them. Let’s take a look at assault buttons subsequent:

  • LP = Mild Punch
  • MP = Medium Punch
  • HP = Heavy Punch
  • LK = Mild Kick
  • MK = Medium Kick
  • HK = Heavy Kick

If the notations you’re following solely say P or Okay, it means the energy of the assault doesn’t matter. As Avenue Fighter 6 has just a few distinctive instructions, you’ll possible see these in combo guides:

  • DR = Drive Rush
  • PC = Punish Counter
  • CH = Counter Hit
  • OD = Overdrive. This command is usually written as KK or PP to indicate two kick or punch inputs concurrently.

Movement Notation

And eventually, now we have the movement notations. These dictate a number of instructions pressed in sequence. For instance, sweeping throughout, Down, Down+Ahead, and Ahead makes a Quarter Circle form. We all know this as QCF for Quarter Circle Ahead. Listed here are all the usual notations for this:

  • QCF = Quarter Circle Ahead
  • QCB = Quarter Circle Again
  • HCF = Half Circle Ahead (ranging from Again and sliding throughout Down+Again, Down, Down+Ahead, and Ahead)
  • HCB = Half Circle Again
  • FC = Full Circle. This enter is often executed from Ahead, hitting each route clockwise till you attain Ahead once more. No strikes do that backward, however this command could be FCF and FCB if there have been.
  • 360/720 = This is identical enter as FC or double FC. 
  • DP = That is brief for Dragon Punch and describes the assault’s distinctive movement: Ahead, Down, Down+Ahead.
  • RDP = Reverse Dragon Punch movement
  • cost = Describes holding a route for a Cost transfer; Guile’s Sonic Increase, for instance.

For motions like HCF, the command will at all times go throughout Down as an alternative of Up. The one time you’ll press Up is for the Full Circle movement. Protip: you possibly can enter the Full Circle throughout a leap or one other transfer to cease your self from leaping in the course of the motion.

A couple of apply examples

Inputs are usually separated with commas, whereas full stops denote your characters state, C.LP, for instance, means Crouching Mild Punch. You need to use this data to attempt combos you’ve discovered on-line and even share them your self. To spherical off this Avenue Fighter 6 command information, let me depart you with just a few examples. 

Picture by PC Invasion

Street Fighter 6 Command Guide

Picture by PC Invasion

Do I actually want to study these notations?

If you happen to’re critical about studying how one can play Avenue Fighter 6 and wish to benefit from the most recent tech, it’s important. It seems like an alien language, however notations are good as a result of they’re common. It doesn’t matter what controller or stick you’re utilizing, this terminology works as a result of it addresses the strikes, not the buttons. 

Don’t be disheartened if it’s overwhelming at first; this can turn out to be second nature and beats drawing movement inputs. There’s lots to unravel with Avenue Fighter controls. If you happen to’re battling basic bindings, why not take a look at our management settings information?

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