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Gathered a few Memoria but not sure if they’re decent? Use our Atelier Resleriana Memoria tier list! With ranks going from S-tier to D-tier, it’s best to focus on obtaining and upgrading A-tier and above – with B-tier as a backup!

Atelier Resleriana is the latest entry in the beloved franchise! Unlike other Atelier games, this one is a gacha, but it still features gorgeous 3D graphics and a stunningly colourful environment. Play as a variety of characters from past Atelier titles and brand-new ones, such as Resna and Valeria.

Meet an exciting cast of companions as you take part in magical battles, foraging expeditions, and tons of exploration across Lantarna. The Polar Night Alchemists are hot on your tail though, so beware…

For more information about Atelier Resleriana, visit the game’s official website. Take a look at our Atelier Resleriana Banners guide to find out which banners might be coming soon! Or, have a read of our Atelier Resleriana codes guide.

Atelier Resleriana Memoria Tier List

Every obtainable Memoria is ranked below! Find out which Memoria is the best to equip in the mobile RPG.

  • Please note that this tier list is a work in progress! As the game is brand-new, I still need some extra time to test out and research each Memoria. This guide will be frequently updated over time, with newly released Memoria added too!

S Tier

The best Memoria to equip your characters with!

  • A Moment in the Afternoon
  • Weaving History
  • By the Cool Riverside
  • Time For Just the Two of Us

A Tier

Wonderful Memoria that is well worth upgrading and utilising if you don’t have any spare S-tier ones.

  • Iridescent Scenery
  • Great Treasure Discovery
  • In a Phantom World
  • Following in Her Footsteps
  • Looking Up at the Dusk Skies
  • Aim For the City in the Sky

B Tier

Are B-tier Memoria worth using? Yes and no. They’re not particularly strong, but they’re not bad per se.

  • Here’s a Puni
  • A Summer Adventure
  • The Place I Want to Protect
  • Embraced by the Dusk Sea
  • Marlone the Alchemist

C Tier

I can’t recommend these Memoria…

  • A Melody on the Wind
  • Classmates

D Tier

All I’ll say is… avoid these ones.

  • Deal of the Day
  • The Two Shallies
  • The Meowst Sunny Spot
  • Teacher’s Cure for Boredom