Arrowhead, please nerf fire in Helldivers 2, I beg of you

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In Helldivers 2 many things are out to kill you, from the Automatons to the Terminids. But sometimes it isn’t another enemy that can be the worst problem you face in a mission, instead, it is the environment. A recent buff to fire has made it one of the most frustrating aspects of Helldivers 2, especially on planets where fire tornados are present, such as Hellmire.

Fire damage has received a huge amount of criticism in recent weeks from the Helldivers 2 community, but a post by u/RangerHawke824 on Reddit has received an overwhelming response from the community and could be what is needed to make Arrowhead Game Studios take notice. In the post,

“I hate to be that guy, but the fire tornados and instant burning death are ridiculous. That’s all. That’s the post. No fancy data about how quickly it should occur vs level of difficulty, etc. It’s just silly and not fun. Let the downvotes commence.”

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Rather than the post receiving downvotes, it currently has over 9,200 upvotes and over 1,365 with the community agreeing with them. U/ArtisticAd393 said, “They’d be less ridiculous if they didn’t constantly hunt you down.” U/Lysergic_logic also pointed out that sometimes you can still be caught on fire when there are no visible flames if you enter the area too soon after a fire tornado has been there, saying “Sometimes if you try to run through an area where there was just fire but no real visible flames, you can still catch on fire.” And U/Giuseppemarv said, “I absolutely agree, I don’t think it’s normal burning to a crisp in 0.5 seconds, you don’t even have the time to use the stim 4 times out of 5.”

U/increMENTALmate mentioned one of the most frustrating parts of fire tornados and that is when you get killed by it you are often waiting a long time to be able to go back and grab your items and Samples, which can be annoying if many enemies are surrounding you and you just need to get to safety.

“What I love especially is dying instantly to a fire tornado that sneaks up behind you while you’re fighting enemies. Then having to wait for ages to get back your gear because it’s lying in a tiny patch of fire left behind that you have to guess whether it will kill you or not. So you resupply instead to not waste time and try to get some stims back and another fire tornado instantly sweeps over the resupply and destroys that too, leaving a few supply boxes in another nice little patch of fire.”

It isn’t just fire tornados that are a problem, the Automaton Hulk enemy and Tanks have flamethrowers that can also take you out immediately, making dealing with them frustrating as it can be difficult to calculate what is a safe distance to be at to avoid the fire. Hopefully, this is something that Arrowhead Game Studios will address, but at least right now it is just something we will have to deal with.

Although none of this will save you from the fire tornados, the flames of the Hulks, or even your own flamethrower, it is still important to put yourself in the position to eradicate the Automatons and Terminids. To do this, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guides, and who knows, maybe Arrowhead Game Studios will finally add fire-resistant armor in a future update.