Armour Attack is an upcoming vehicle-based shooter developed by ex-EA and Ubisoft devs

KEK Entertainment has just announced their debut project, Armour Attack, a tactical cross-play vehicle-based shooter, is coming on Android, iOS, and Mac later this due. The studio is a relatively new one and comprises developers from powerhouses such as EA and Ubisoft. Players can expect to engage in high-octane warfare as they fight on breathtaking maps.

Armour Attack takes place on a desolate Earth that has been left distraught after years of war of social upheaval. Everything remains in the hands of three warring factions that will continue to battle each other until all the control lies with one. Each excels at a different skill – defence, damage, and exploitation. They have their stories and motivations that led them to where they are.

As for the gameplay, players will engage in all-out mech warfare through various battle technologies such as robots, tanks, and wheeled machines. They can all be intricately customized, right from the reaction engine to the scout map. Players can also create a shield guarding the entire team or a fire bomb that deals AoE damage.

Battle machines can be tailored to the requirements of the mission. All mechanics such as unit abilities, weapons, and talent systems can be modified. One more feature that stands out is the game’s environment, which is highly dynamic. It is constantly changing and has either an important vantage point or a massive AI-controlled boss. Both of these will have different effects on the match’s outcome.

Speaking about the game, Georgy Egorov, CEO and Co-Founder of KEK Entertainment, said: “As gamers ourselves, we always wondered why there were not more opportunities to experience the same quality play with friends across all types of gaming platforms. So, we are making our own ultimate mecha shooter experience for friends to enjoy across PC, mobile and consoles without sacrificing calibre.”

Armour Attack will be released on mobile and PC later this year with full cross-play support.

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