Arknights is celebrating its 4th anniversary with So Long Adele event

Collect new Operators including 6-star Specialist Operator Swire, the Elegant Wit.

YoStar’s tactical strategy game Arknights is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a new limited event. During the So Long Adele limited event, you’ll have a chance to collect new limited operators by partaking in exciting challenges and activities.

This 4th-anniversary event introduces four new operators. Eyjafjalla the Hvít Aska is a 6-star Caster Operator. A Wandering Medic, Eyjafjalla can remove Elemental Damage build-up from allies while healing them. 6-star Specialist Operator Swire, the Elegant Wit, also joins the game. With Swire, you can counter DP drain with support and string stacks. Additionally, you’ll earn a Coin each time a skill is activated thanks to Swire’s Big Spendthrift skill.

5-star heroes Vanguard Operator Poncirus and Guard Operator Bryophyta are also being introduced during the event. A Pioneer Vanguard, Poncirus can block two enemies. You can also use her Demolition Team’s Code talent to enhance her max HP. Bryophyta is a Guard Instructor whose Cautious and Calculated talent buffs DEF for nearby melee Operators.

The So Long Adele event runs from January 16 through February 13. You can earn rewards during the event by completing stages in the A Holiday at the Hot Spring, Treasure Hunting in Siesta and Surfing the Lava events.

You’ll also snag event-themed rewards by completing tasks for Dolly’s Task List, partaking in battles on Siestan Fashion Street, and exploring the White Volcano event shop. Exchange rewards at the White Volcano to gain items such as the Trip to the ‘White Volcano’” furniture, elite materials, and 5-star operator Bryophyta.

Arknights is also giving away daily login rewards during the fourth-anniversary event. Each day you log in during the event, you’ll gain a free roll in the Cloudtop Lucid Dream headhunting banner. In addition, now through January 30, you can collect a free 10x headhunting permit.

New outfits are also being added to the game’s store. Gavial the Invincible, Goldenglow, and Myrtle are receiving new Coral Coast XII outfits. Additionally, outfits from the Re-Edition series, such as Coral Coast and Bloodline of Combat, are returning to the in-game store.