Arena Breakout invites players to become vault crackers when Season Three launches

Arena Breakout, which the fine folk over at Pocket Gamer recently dubbed both Multiplayer and Game of the Year, is starting the year off with a bang thanks to the new season three dropping January 19th. Slap on your balaclavas and grab those acetylene torches, because it is time to Enter The Vault.

As this rather enticing title suggests, you will be breaching a vault that contains the war’s most powerful secrets, hidden deep below an unassuming Television Station. You will need to pick a faction, and then team up with your new friends to achieve a goal shared by gamers since time immemorial; open the safe and steal the shinies.

To do this, you are going to need guns, lots of guns. Luckily, Season 3 introduces the bullpup weapon pack, that includes the Groza, FAMAS, and AUG. These more compact rat-a-tat-taters will be perfect for assaulting this new map, with the enclosed spaces and a fixed goal point meaning you will never be more than one corner away for a firefight.

After battling through the television maze and finding the entrance to the vault, there will be one final hurdle; new bosses Kort and Rolf. It is their life duty to defend the classified intel that lies within this metallic mistress, so you will have a fight on your hands. A fight takes place in a very small arena, where you will be easily seen by the other team, so pick your moves carefully.

This new map represents quite an innovative step for MoreFun Studios, where other locations focus more on the wander around, find loot and leave method of play. This should lead to a lot more action, and also give players a more concrete goal to achieve. It’s a fresh angle which will hopefully pan out well. After all, who doesn’t want to break into vaults?

Arena Breakout is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.