Apple roadmap leak points to new iPhone SE and foldable devices

In scouring the internet for news and rumors relating to the iPhone 16, we’ve happened across a fresh Apple roadmap leak that details what we can expect from the brand over the next few years. Unfortunately, the iPhone 16 itself isn’t mentioned in the document, probably as it’s a bit of a given that it’s coming later this year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to be excited about.

The Apple roadmap leak is courtesy of X user Revegnus, who names Samsung Securities, a subsidiary of Samsung, as the source. It lists the much-anticipated OLED iPad and the Vision Pro as 2024, which isn’t surprising as we’ve already seen the release of the mixed reality headset and know the OLED iPad is coming. However, things get more interesting in 2025, following the rumored launch of the iPhone 16, with the source suggesting the release of the iPhone SE 4, the first in the series since 2022, and a triple 48 MP camera setup with a 48 MP selfie camera for that year’s Pro series iPhones.

The potential products for 2026 are the most exciting, though. According to the leak, this is the year we’ll witness the arrival of the first foldable iPhone, with the device boasting a 6-inch cover screen and 8-inch internal display. We’ve seen rumors and leaks for years suggesting the potential release of an Apple foldable for years, but we’ve spotted more and more in recent months, so it wouldn’t be a big surprise if the brand is gearing up to join the foldables market.

2027 is the last year that’s part of the Apple roadmap leak, suggesting the release of the brand’s own AR glasses and foldable iPad. While the release of a foldable iPad makes sense, considering we’re apparently getting a foldable iPhone in 2026, we’re much less sure of what to expect from the brand’s AR glasses. We’re assuming the product is going to be more affordable than the Vision Pro, but what they look like and how they integrate into Apple’s digital infrastructure is a mystery at the time of writing.

Interestingly, the roadmap doesn’t mention wearables at all. Whether this is due to the ongoing legal problems Apple is having with some of its wearable devices or the Samsung Securities source simply hasn’t included them is unclear, but it is a fascinating caveat with Samsung planning on launching the Samsung Galaxy Ring later this year. We often see the two brands fight in the same arenas, but Apple might not be bothering with releasing its own competitor to the Galaxy Ring and Oura Ring.

There you have it, all the exciting details from the Apple roadmap leak. If you prefer Android devices, take a browse through our guides to the best Samsung phones, best Xiaomi phones, and best Google Pixel phones. Or, if you’re looking for something to play on your phone, grab some freebies with our guides to free Monopoly Go dice, Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins, and Bingo Blitz free credits.