Apple Arcade update stems some lost exclusives with major new additions

  • New games include: Crayola Adventures, Bloons TD Battles 2 and The Battle of Polytopia
  • Other games are getting major seasonal updates to add new events and more
  • But does this help when some exclusives are going?

It’s Apple Arcade day! And it’s a doozy as two big games – which are getting their own articles – are coming to the subscription. But first of all, we’ve got Crayola Adventures launching for America’s National Reading Month, and updates for a variety of games.

The full list of games getting updates includes NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, Angry Birds Reloaded, SpongeBob Patty Pursuit, Jetpack Joyride 2, Jetpack Joyride+, Spire Blast and Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure. All of them are getting pretty beefy additions including new characters, seasonal events and more.

But the big news is that we’ve got two new games launching for Apple Arcade: Bloons TD Battles 2, the head-to-head spin-off of the famous Bloons series, and The Battle of Polytopia, the turn-based strategy game famously loved by (in)famous businessman Elon Musk.

What’s cooking?

It’s good to see new additions coming to Apple Arcade, especially as we’ve previously seen some exclusives drop from the service. Slash Quest, for example, has just come back to mobile and PC after leaving the subscription some time ago. So while we’re glad to see Apple continue to build out what is, in itself an absolutely stellar lineup of games, it still doesn’t assuage our fears about some really great exclusives falling by the wayside over time.

We’ll be covering the release of Bloons and Polytopia in-depth in our own articles to give you a bit more detail on these two excellent new additions! We’re particularly excited to see what Bloons has to offer…

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