Apple Arcade brings BEAST and Words in Progress to the fray in latest update

  • BEAST and Words in Progress will release on February 1st
  • The other updates will become available over the next week

We’re just a few days away from the release of the next set of games coming to Apple Arcade. After a powerful start to the year, February 2024 plans to carry things forward in style with two unique games – a 3v3 online action shooter and an intriguing puzzle game. In addition, several other games receive little updates as well.

BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team

Developed by Paris-based studio Oh BiBi, BEAST is a thrilling online action game that promises hours of fun with your buddies. Players take on the role of quirky animals that are capable of donning powerful mechanized armour. Both the PET and BEAST forms have their own distinctive set of abilities and weapons.

All the action can be enjoyed in multiple different game modes such as Payload, Crystal Rush, and Free For All. Players can game with their friends and family as they all compete for ultimate glory. For the more competitive ones out there, there are leaderboards against other players worldwide.

Words in Progress

The second game comes from Dutch developer Gamious and is a simple game about combining words. Players start with a string of seven letters which must be joined to form new words. As letters are removed, new ones take their place. Players have the option of cashing in shorter words or risking it by looking for bigger ones.

In the endless mode, players must keep going as long as possible. Different challenges must be cleared to prevent the pile from emptying. The multiplayer mode pits opponents against each other with 40 letters. There’s also a practice mode to upskill yourself.

Several other games are receiving updates as well. Some of these include a Valentine’s Day celebration in Cooking Mama: Cuisine!, the Turbo Tidal event in Jetpack Joyride+, and other games like Dear Reader, Kimono Cats, and more.

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