Apex Legends lobbies get players into console debate

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Apex Legends lobbies are much like most other games’: inconsistent and not without issues. Multiplayer games suffer from a variety of issues that so far, studios and development teams haven’t been able to perfectly counter. Matchmaking, especially skill-based matchmaking, is far from an exact science. Those who play on different platforms have also seen major differences in lobbies, which is another difficulty. That difference got the Apex Legends community into the console debate that seems to never end.

One Redditor by the bame of u/mtpugh67 showcased what happens when they transition from console lobbies to PC lobbies. In every single game that’s cross-platform and multiplayer, PC lobbies are pretty much always more challenging. Keyboards and mouses allow for more precise movement and aiming, whereas controllers can be difficult to use.

In this player’s experience, they went up against one of the most challenging players they ever have upon exiting the console gameplay and entering the land of PCs. They happened to eliminate them, but only after a hearty fight and they died right after as well. It got the community discussing the state of the lobbies and the differences between them.

u/oprimo said this type of player is in all of their games, and they’re a challenge, “Ah, I see you also met the bunny hopping Octane. He’s in pretty much all my games too.” u/Mightytigr added, “I remember I went up against one of these bouncing a*****es and manage to win, made me genuinely happy.”

Another user, u/iSentex, said, “I hate cross lobbies everyone with aim assist should play against people with aim assist and MNK against MNK.” It’s difficult for crossplay to work well, especially when the gap seems to be as substantial as it is for Apex.

u/OnyxDreamBox said they have both, but will play exclusively console to avoid the harder lobbies, “And this is why despite the fact I have a newly built $3,000+ PC, I will stay playing Apex Legends on my Xbox Series X.” u/isaiipapii added, “No seriously, I just made the switch recently and it’s DIFFERENT for sure.”

Several commenters debated the merit of aim assist on console. It is a video game’s effort to balance between how precise aiming is on keyboard and mouse vs. the imprecise joysticks of a console controller, but it’s not universally loved in the video game space.

That’s all for the console debate that Apex Legends lobbies has spurred, but be sure to check out our best guides for the game: the best characters, guns, and computer!