Apex Legends Inner Beast event has community venting frustrations

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The Apex Legends Inner Beast event has just arrived, but it’s not been an instant success. In fact, many players don’t like it. Players can either track their Prey Squad with a Hunt datapad or be the Prey and try to outlast the timer of the hunt or eliminate the Hunters to win. It has effectively replaced the main gameplay, and that hasn’t pleased everyone. In fact, several players are quite upset about it.

Apex Legends Inner Beast is not universally liked

One Reddit user u/joojoojuu took the chance to vent on the Apex subreddit. They said, “Whoever decided that this is a good idea just does not understand this game, and you’d think the devs have by far the best understanding of their own game. What makes Apex good is having good perception, understanding of your surroundings and using all that to gain upper hand over other players.”

They believe that the game is already pretty sweaty, but that this game mode made it even worse and completely without fun. u/MrDirt said that some players weren’t even aware of the change, “I’ve had randoms asking why I’m panic looking around when the hunt timer runs out. Several people didn’t even know there was a special game mode going on.”

u/enviroguypdx said, “I agree it’s a miss.” u/maemoedhz replied, “I think they just overdid it with this takeover. Even FF takeover left duos untouched at the very least. Now without an alternative BR around, anyone who cannot play this mode basically aren’t allowed to touch pubs for 2 weeks straight.” u/Sunbro25 simply said that the original poster was spot on.

u/teainanicemug summed it up pretty well, “I don’t really care for the event. It’s just one small gimmick that is likely being tested for a legend ability (Ash?). I don’t really care for the cosmetics either but… they are ALL recolors. It does feels as lazy as it gets so I can understand people are upset.. they called it an event after all but it’s nothing new.”

The Apex Legends Inner Beast event was supposed to be a fun time for players being able to play a new game mode, but the fact that it’s the only option and the gameplay itself isn’t as fun for many players has them frustrated with what the developers have done this time.

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