Another Code: Recollection – How to Get the Silver Bird Room Key (Fountain Puzzle Guide)

Players will be challenged with puzzles and mysteries as they play through Another Code: Recollection. The game pairs the Nintendo classics, Another Code: Two Memories and Another Code: R – A Journey Into Lost Memories. Players start with Two Memories, playing as Ashley on the haunted Blood Edward Island.

One of the late-game puzzles requires players to find a Silver Sprout Key to get inside an important room. However, this key is lost at the bottom of a dirty fountain. Players can use this guide to find the fountain and solve the puzzle for the Silver Sprout Key.


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How to Get the Silver Bird Room Key

Another Code Recollection Silver Bird Room Locked Door

After finding all the ANOTHER Keys, D suddenly disappears into the Silver Bird Room in the West Wing Hallway. As he is experiencing a memory, Ashley must find the key to get inside and comfort her ghostly friend. The Silver Bird Room Key’s location has already been revealed to players if they found Marie’s letter with the Woman Doll inside the East Wing Bedroom.

Another Code Recollection Marie's Letter Sprout Key Location

Marie revealed that she saw Frannie’s father throw the Sprout Key in the fountain. The fountain is located in the Courtyard, which can be accessed by going through the large white back doors at the Mansion’s entrance. Ashley notices the water hasn’t run for a long time, so it is too murky to search through.

Another Code Recollection Courtyard Fountain

The fountain puzzle requires players to fix the water pressure and get the fountain working again to clear the water. This is a several-step process, outlined below.

Find the Water Valve

Another Code Recollection Courtyard Fountain Water Valve

Players must get the water working again before they can adjust the water pressure. The Water Valve is in the northwest corner of the Courtyard, between a bench and a flower garden. Turn it on to get the water flowing.

Turn off the Rectangular Sprinklers

Another Code Recollection Courtyard Flower Bed Sprinkler

There are Sprinklers inside all of the flower garden beds. At the back of the Courtyard are two long flower beds. Players can turn off those two Sprinklers by twisting the knobs on top.

Turn off the rest of the Sprinklers using the Switching Devices

Another Code Recollection Switching Device Lab Door

There are three Switching Devices in the Courtyard that are connected to the remaining Sprinklers in the round flower beds. One is right next to the lab door behind the fountain.

The second is tucked beside a bench on the southeast side of the Courtyard.

Another Code Recollection Switching Device Southeast Corner

The final one is on the east side, next to a large set of white doors.

Another Code Recollection Switching Device East Doors

Adjust the Water Pressure on the fountain

Once all the Sprinklers are turned off, the Water Pressure will be at the correct level. Players can turn on the fountain by interacting with the Water Pressure lever in front of the fountain:

Another Code Recollection Fountain Water Pressure

The fountain water clears after it starts running again. The Sprout Key can be found at the top of the fountain’s ram zodiac sign.

Another Code Recollection Sprout Key Location

With the Sprout Key in hand, Ashley can get inside the Silver Bird Room and discover what is bothering D.

Another Code: Recollection is available now on the Nintendo Switch.