Anime Spirits Specializations Guide – Specs!

This guide covers Anime Spirits Specializations, also known as Specs. Here we will tell you what Specs are and how you can get them!

Anime Spirits is a Roblox RPG that draws inspiration from – surprise, surprise – One Piece. You create a character and explore a world, seeking monsters to defeat and levelling up to improve your power. Plus, you can also collect new weapons and souls, which grant you new abilities to help you out.

You can play Anime Spirits on Roblox via Google Play. I’ve also put together a list of Anime Spirits weapons.

Anime Spirits Specializations Guide

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What Are Specializations?

Specializations, known as Specs are a type of ability a player can learn which is usually derived from an anime ability. For example, the Infinite Void Spec is naturally based on Gojo’s Unlimited Void from Jujutsu Kaisen.

Specs allow a player a taste of raw undefeated power and they’re usually a testament to a player’s progression and ability. The abilities allow for new and unique move sets that players can use in combat. So when you gain a Spec, you also gain a lot of new powerful moves to try out and practice.

What Are THE Specializations?

Not to be confused with the other heading, this section tells you about the current specs within Anime Spirits and how you can get them. You know, the important stuff you want to know? Currently, there are only 5 Specs within the game which are (including their method of obtaining):

  • Crit Boost – Learned from Oguk NPC at West City for 70,000 Gold
  • Substitution Jutsu – Learned from the Substitution Teacher NPC at Hidden Village for 55,000 Gold
  • Busoshoku Haki – Learned from the Buso Trainer NPC at Monkey Island for 100,000 Gold
  • Conqueror’s Haki – Obtained through Perk Spin
  • Infinite Void – Obtained via Infinite Void Gamepass (999 Robux)