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While most of the Units in Anime Last Stand can be acquired through a standard gacha system, there is one notable exception. If you want to get your hands on Ulquiorra in Anime Last Stand, you’ll need to do things a little differently.

Anime Last Stand is an up-and-coming Tower Defense game on the Roblox platform. In it, you recruit a crack team of Units from among a star-studded anime roster, and put them to work holding back waves of escalating enemies. Ulquiorra is the first secret Unit in the game, and is therefore trickier to find than his peers. Worry not, however: this guide will show you exactly how to get him.

Anime Last Stand is available to play on Roblox right now. If Bleach isn’t your jam, maybe our guide on Anime Last Stand’s Itachi Unit will be more up your street.

Complete Anime Last Stand Ulquiorra Guide

Before we get into the meat of the guide, there’s an important clarification to make. While we’ve been referring to the Unit as Ulquiorra so far, that’s actually the official character name. In Anime Last Stand, the Unit is called Ulmiorra instead. The Anime Last Stand community tends to refer to Units by their official character names rather than their in-game ones, however. For this reason, we’ll be referring to the Unit as Ulquiorra throughout this guide.

How To Get Ulquiorra

As mentioned above, you can’t get Ulquiorra through the game’s normal gacha banner system. Instead, Ulquiorra can be obtained as a random drop in the Hollow Dimension stage. Fitting, given the nature of his character in Bleach. Completing this stage has a 5% chance to reward you with the Ulquiorra Unit. This is true whether you play the stage on Normal or Nightmare difficulty.

How To Evolve Ulquiorra

While it hasn’t been implemented in the game, the developers have confirmed that Ulquiorra will be receiving an evolved form soon. In order to evolve him, you’ll need an item called Ulmiorra’s Spear. This has a 1% chance to drop each time you complete the Hollow Dimension stage.