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The Anime Last Stand Guts unit is a must-have for all Berserk fans! Not only is he one of the strongest units in the game, but who doesn’t want The Black Swordsman on their team?

Anime Last Stand is a tower defense Roblox game that features a wide range of units to collect. What are these units, you ask? Anime characters! Yep, every unit in the game is based on an anime character from your favourite franchises. Obtain the strongest units in the game and place them in your defenses, as they wield their unique traits and techniques against your opponents.

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Anime Last Stand Guts

Puck has let me know that Guts is a Meta unit in Anime Last Stand! Are we surprised? Not really. It’s only right that The Black Swordsman is one of the best units to obtain in the tower defense title. Even Femto can’t stop him now…

The Basic Bits

To obtain Guts, you need to summon him on Banner 2!

  • Celestial Unit
  • Known to be a Meta unit right now
  • Type: Ground (but can turn into a Hybrid with upgrades)
  • Element: Demonic
  • Placement: 2

Deployment Stats

These are the stats that Guts will have on the battlefield prior to any upgrades.

  • Cost to Deploy: 800
  • DMG: 942
  • DPS: 235.5
  • Range: 14
  • Cooldown: 4

Best Techniques for Guts

Right! It’s time to discuss the best techniques for The Black Swordsman. I suggest equipping Guts with the Shinigami technique, as it gives his Crit Hit chance a decent boost and increases his overall DMG. It also accounts for the cooldown/range nerfs that some of the upgrades bring, with a +10% range buff and -15% cooldown application!

Upgrading Guts (The Black Swordsman)

The Golden Age Arc begins! It’s time for Guts to get stronger with a multitude of upgrades. The later upgrades switch up his tactics a little, with certain stats increasing and abilities being unlocked. This is all at the cost of other stats being decreased, so it’s best to plan ahead.

First Upgrade

  • Cost: 1.5K
  • DMG: 2,980
  • DPS: 745
  • Range: 15
  • Cooldown: 4

Second Upgrade

  • Cost: 2.26K
  • DMG: 3.24K
  • DPS: 810
  • Range: 15
  • Cooldown: 4

Third Upgrade

  • Cost: 4.7K
  • DMG: 5.28K
  • DPS: 880
  • Range: 15
  • Cooldown: 6
  • Unlocks AoE attack

Fourth Upgrade

  • Cost: 5.25K
  • DMG: 6K
  • DPS: 1K
  • Range: 15
  • Cooldown: 6

Fifth Upgrade

  • Cost: 6.25K
  • DMG: 6.93K
  • DPS: 1,155
  • Range: 16
  • Cooldown: 6

Sixth Upgrade

  • Cost: 7.5K
  • DMG: 14.3K
    • removes the Bleed debuff from attacks
  • DPS: 3,010
  • Range: 34
  • Cooldown: 4.75
  • Unlocks circle AoE attack

Seventh Upgrade

  • Cost: 8.29K
  • DMG: 15.2K
  • DPS: 3.2K
  • Range: 35
  • Cooldown: 4.75

Eighth Upgrade

  • Cost: 9.95K
  • DMG: 17.2K
  • DPS: 3,621
  • Range: 36
  • Cooldown: 4.75

Ninth Upgrade

  • Cost: 16.5K
  • DMG: 29.8K
    • Bleed buff returns
    • Bleed DMG boosted to 74.5K
  • DPS: 3,725
  • Range: 28
  • Cooldown: 8
  • Unit turns into a Ground type

Tenth Upgrade

  • Cost: 22.5K
  • DMG: 37.9K
  • DPS: 4,737
  • Range: 29
  • Cooldown: 8

Eleventh Upgrade

  • Cost: 30K
  • DMG: 45.9K
  • DPS: 5,737
  • Range: 30
  • Cooldown: 8