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Summoned some new heroes but need an Anime Dungeon Fighters tier list? Read on to find out if your newly obtained heroes are deemed the strongest or weakest!

Anime Dungeon Fighters is a Roblox game that combines a variety of anime franchises into one neat package. Your goal is to become the strongest fighter around, as you battle against familiar enemies and bosses by utilising your unique abilities – you even get to choose your character’s profession. Venture into deep dungeons to earn EXP and loot, aiding you in your journey to success. From Naruto to Attack on Titan, to One Piece (and more!), Anime Dungeon Fighters is well worth a try if you’re an avid anime fan!

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Anime Dungeon Fighters Tier List

Wondering if you should pull for certain heroes on the in-game banners? This tier list can help!

S Tier

The strongest heroes to add to your arsenal in Anime Dungeon Fighters!

A Tier

Well worth upgrading! They’re not as rare as those in S-tier, but you’ll be lucky to get one of these.

B Tier

Average heroes with average stats. They’re not the worst but don’t expect anything astronomical.

C Tier

These heroes should be benched when you’ve obtained better ones – even heroes from B-tier are worth using when compared to the heroes in this tier.

D Tier

You’ll struggle to beat enemies if you solely rely on these heroes.

Anime Dungeon Fighters Character Rarities

  • Immortals
  • Mysterious
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare