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Looking for an easy missions to rack up your badges? Read our Anime Dimensions Simulator The Hunt guide to obtain the badge quickly!

Head to the game’s official Roblox page to get farming! Don’t forget to take a look at our Anime Dimensions Simulator Tier List too, or for more on The Hunt event, have a nosey at our How to Get Vault Star Headphones in The Hunt walkthrough.

Anime Dimensions Simulator The Hunt

Another easy Hunt badge to obtain! For this one, you need to complete a total of 2 dimensions. It almost seems a little too easy…

Best Dimension to Farm For The Hunt

Okay, let’s get into the action! You can either repeat the same dimension twice or pick 2 different ones to change it up a little bit. In terms of the best dimension to farm, and the easiest, I recommend going for the Giant Dimension on easy mode.

Thankfully, you can solo this in a private run or you can join another group of people in-game. With there being no requirements for difficulty, completing any dimension in easy mode is the way to go!

The Giant Dimension has a 10-minute timer, but you’ll beat it well before this even in a solo run. If you end up getting defeated by an enemy, don’t worry, as you respawn! If you do plan to go in alone, make sure you prepare for the final boss fight, as well as the mini-bosses that can pack a punch.

What is Anime Dimensions Simulator?

If you like anime, then Anime Dimensions Simulator is definitely one of the better Roblox games for you! Collect a wide range of characters and cards, allowing you to wield powers inspired by your favourites.

Enter different dimensions and blast through enemies with a vast array of abilities – you can even battle against titans from Attack on Titan!