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This Anime Clash Unit Guide lists every character within the game index organised by rarity. If you want a complete masterlist of all available units, this guide is for you! Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for when more units are added to the game, and therefore this list.

Check out Anime Clash over on Roblox. For more content, check out my Anime Clash Codes guide and Anime Clash Tier List.

Anime Clash Unit Guide

You can view your current index collection within the lobby. Inside the deep blue ring labelled ‘Index’, a popup window will show you your collection so far. This includes units you’ve previously deleted or fused into others. The index will also tell you how many units there are overall, and with the game ever-expanding adding more characters you’ll want to complete your collection sooner rather than later.

Completing the index claims to give a massive reward! But, what this reward is remains unknown for now. Maybe you can be the first? At the time of writing, Anime Clash hosts 35 units in total.

Mythical Units

Mythical banner units have a 0.25% roll chance.

  • Demon King – Melodias
  • Excalibur Ex – Saber Ex
  • Kirin – Sasuke Uchiha
  • Zamayoto – Yamamoto
  • Shadow – Cid
  • Demon Ghost – Madara
  • Gilgamesh – Gilgamesh
  • Ultra Instinct – Goku UI

Legendary Units

Legendary banner units have a 4.5% roll chance.

  • Trafulgar – Trafalgar Law
  • Crimson Emperor – Shanks
  • Explosion – Megaumin
  • Golden Guy
  • King

Epic Units

Epic banner units have a 15% roll chance.

  • Santoryo – Zoro
  • Zon – Gon Freecss
  • Pride – Escanor
  • Beast Boy – Naruto
  • Kamui – Obito

Rare Units

Rare banner units have a 30% roll chance.

  • Reaper – Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Fairy Girl – Asada Shino
  • White Arrow
  • Point

Common Units

Common banner units have a 50% roll chance.

  • Ape Prince – Vegeta
  • Dragon Warrior – Gohan
  • Bald Boy – Krillin
  • Rad

Where’s Exclusive Love Zamayoto?

This unit was a pre-release treat to some players which has now been removed from both the game index and their inventory. Don’t worry if you are one of the unfortunate few to lose this character. The game DEVs have announced through their socials that this unit will be replaced shortly with a brand new exclusive unit of either of the following:

  • Delta from Eminence in Shadow
  • Dual Swordsman Kirito from Sword Art Online
  • Makima from Chainsaw Man