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Time to head into the Anime Clash Raids for some special drops! But before you do that, use this guide to prepare for the battle ahead.

Unlock raids now in Anime Clash via the game’s official Roblox page! If you’d like to learn more about Anime Clash, check out our Anime Clash Enchants guide.

Anime Clash Raids

Let’s take a look at the different raids in Anime Clash!

Wami City Raid

The first raid you unlock in Anime Clash! But how do you unlock it, I hear you ask? Well, you need to obtain a Kaiju Key from the Story Mode.

Basically, just progress through the story missions until you’re rewarded with one! This seems to be the only raid in Anime Clash right now, so there’s plenty of time to farm it for drops.

This raid has a base difficulty of ‘Hard’, so it’s best to make sure your team is upgraded before heading into this one. Try to unlock some Enchants and evolutions, as well as a full team of top-performing units.

To get 3 stars in this raid, you need to:

  • Complete the raid
  • Complete the raid on hard mode
  • Complete the raid within 7 minutes


Combat-wise, you can expect to see enemies wielding Physical and Light elements. The best elements to counter Physical units are Blood and Physical, and the best elements to counter Light units are Dark and Physical. In fact, every element has a 5% weakness to Physical!


The rewards that you can obtain from the Wami City Raid are Shards and Wami City Tokens. Let’s delve into what these items are!

  • Enchant Shards
    • Shards are used to roll for Enchants, which are traits that you can equip your units with. You need 1 Shard per roll, so it’s a good idea to garner quite a few of these for your strongest units
  • Wami City Token
    • A Wami City Token is the currency used to participate in the Wami City Raid. You’ll need to have one of these before you can even set foot in the raid, but earning them as a reward for completing the raid gives you a nice stockpile!