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In need of an Anime Champions Simulator Black Hole Orb guide? We have it here! Our guide has all you need to know! Find out what the Black Hole Orbs are. Where to find them. Plus, what you gain from cracking them open.

Anime Champions Simulator is a Roblox game developed by the creator behind the ever-popular Anime Fighters Simulator. Explore the galaxy as you collect and meet familiar faces! Obtain a wide range of Champions for your arsenal, as well as a variety of Quirks that you can utilize during exciting combat.

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Anime Champions Simulator Black Hole Orb

Wow, what a title! Let’s get into the guide.

What Are The Black Hole Orbs?

Black Hole Orbs are used to gain powerful Champions from each world. Diamonds are spent to get Black Hole Orbs and can be obtained either from the in-game shop or within Champion City at the Black Hole Orb outpost. Black Hole Orbs are the most rewarding capsules that Anime Champions Simulator can offer a player. Though, with a hefty price of 6.99K Diamonds per Orb, it’s definitely for the long-time players. (Unless you buy Diamonds with Robux of course!).

How To Use Them

Once you have the Diamonds, simply hit the shop icon on the left of your screen, or head to Champion City and manually open the orbs there!

Champions You Can Gain

These are the fighters you can currently get from cracking open the Orbs.


  • Slime 33.5% chance of obtaining
  • Popstar 33.5% chance of obtaining


  • Handyman 20% chance of obtaining


  • Snake Guy 10% chance of obtaining


  • Kioken Black 2.5% chance of obtaining


  • Strongest Swordman 0.5% chance of obtaining