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In need of an Anime Champions Simulator Ancient Stone guide? Well, settle in champion, we have exactly what you’re looking for! Here we will explain the ancient stones as well as let you know where they’re hiding so you can complete the Soul Rock quest. Get a free Cosmic Champion!

Anime Champions Simulator is a Roblox game developed by the creator behind the ever-popular Anime Fighters Simulator. Explore the galaxy as you collect and meet familiar faces! Obtain a wide range of Champions for your arsenal, as well as a variety of Quirks that you can utilize during exciting combat.

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Anime Champions Simulator Ancient Stone

Why does nobody ever want regular stones?

How To Get A Free Cosmic Champion

First, you will need to unlock the gate from the Demon Forest world. The gate shines orange and costs $35Mil to unlock. On the left side of the map, there will be a barrier, and though it says 200 DPS, you cannot break it using your champions. Instead, you’ll need to head into the centre of the newly unlocked area and then purchase the remainder of the map for $70Mil.

Head back into the cave where you’ll be greeted by the Ancient Stone or the quest giver. The Ancient Stone quest asks for you to eliminate ten Yellow Forces. These can be found on the first island and should be pretty easy to complete.

The next task from the stone will ask for you to eliminate 20 Red Forces. Again, this shouldn’t be too difficult since they are enemies from the first world with low HP.

The final Ancient Stone quest asks that you eliminate 5k enemies! This is a LOT to tackle and will take some grinding. However, if you upgrade your radius using gems then it becomes a lot simpler. The grind is worth the reward on this one as you will get a Cosmic Summon.

Where Are The Ancient Stones Located In The Soul Rock Quest?

The other quest which includes Ancient Stones is the Soul Rock quest which is given by Takeshi, where you are tasked with finding all three Ancient Stones.

  • Ancient Stone 1 – Head back to the beginning of town where the NPC Misoki resides. The first stone is behind him.
  • Ancient Stone 2 – Follow the straight path from the main gate to the next Misoki NPC. Nearby is a small chamber where the second stone is waiting.
  • Ancient Stone 3 – Finally, head to Spirit Town using the orange teleporter and to the right of where you spawn is a large stone. Next to this is the final Ancient Stone for the Soul Rock Quest.