Animal Crossing Player Plants Incredible Flower Garden That Looks Like Kirby


  • An Animal Crossing fan creates an amazing Kirby garden in New Horizons without time travel, inspiring creativity among players.
  • Players often decorate their island in Animal Crossing with unique creations, showcasing dedication and hard work.
  • New Horizons continues to entertain fans with cozy gameplay and freedom to create dream homes and stunning gardens.

A dedicated Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan has made an amazing flower garden that blooms in the form of another popular Nintendo character: Kirby. The Animal Crossing franchise has become well known for its ability to allow players to create their own unique islands, and this Animal Crossing: New Horizons player decided to make an awesome garden in honor of the iconic character.

There have been some incredible creations in Animal Crossing over the years. One of the biggest draws of the game is found in the freedom the series allows players when decorating their own islands and homes. From the cute villagers in Animal Crossing to the customization, the franchise has become quite popular because of its cozy gameplay. It’s a great way to pass time in a relaxing way, and one player has taken the initiative in building a wonderful garden that is shaped in the form of Kirby.


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A dedicated fan of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series is showing off their stunning custom creation that would surely make Blathers blush.

A Reddit user known as CrysWhyle on the platform shared a clip of their Kirby-inspired flower garden to the Animal Crossing subreddit. The garden is adorned with some great pink-hued flowers that clearly make out the shape of Kirby. As one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters, Kirby is easily recognizable, so CrysWhyle nailed it with the execution.

Kirby-Inspired Flower Garden in Animal Crossing

What’s even more impressive is that, according to CrysWhyle, no time travel was used in growing the flowers. Every flower seen in the garden grew on the island, making this creation even cooler. At first, it seems as though this would be a simple task, but this actually takes a lot of work and dedication, which is quite an accomplishment worth celebrating. Animal Crossing inspires creativity from many of its players, and this garden is a great example of that. The clip CrysWhyle shared on the Animal Crossing subreddit has been a hit with many other fans, as the post is filled with comments praising the player’s hard work.

Since its beginnings back in 2001, Animal Crossing has become one of the top franchises for cozy, relaxing gameplay. The freedom these games allow players can be incredibly fun, and CrysWhyle’s hard work on this Kirby garden is a great demonstration. Although the future of Animal Crossing is a mystery at the moment, the franchise’s most recent entry, New Horizons, still entertains many fans of the series. Whether a player prefers making their dream home or creating an amazing garden, Animal Crossing offers something for a variety of gamers looking for a relaxing time.

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