All you need to know about Orbs in All Star Tower Defense

Updated on February 2nd, 2024 – Updated with new orbs.

It’s no secret Orbs are one of the most exciting features in All Star Tower Defense. Moreover, the developers regularly update the game and try to add new things. Nowadays, it is pretty hard to imagine this game without Orbs. Read this guide, and you will learn all you need to know about Orbs in All Star Tower Defense. After you’ve finished, make sure to read our tier list of best characters in All Star Tower Defense, it will give you a solid foundation as picking the right character is essential.

Ultimate All Star Tower Defense Orbs guide

The first and most important thing you need to know is that Orbs have become one of the most critical parts of All Star Tower Defense. They were added in update 14, which was released less than a month ago.

Generally, you can only equip one Orb per unit slot. Additionally, every Orb has a specific slot in which it can be equipped. So, it would help if you were pretty careful while choosing an Orb. Otherwise, you might lose a considerable amount of resources and time.

However, there are a few Orbs that any unit can equip, and these are The Bomba Orb, Cost Orb, Fire Rage Orb, Blue Eye Orb, and the Prey Eye Orb. They are more universal. However, this does not make them more or less powerful.


There are two ways of obtaining Orbs. The first is by purchasing them with gems, and the second is by crafting them in the Orb Shop. In this guide, we will explain the difference between these two methods.

Buying Orbs in the shops

So, by purchasing Orbs in the shop, you will spend a lot of gems, which are the rarest and the most valuable resource in the game. This way is suitable for people with little free time and anyone who wants to become strong faster.

Orbs crafting

The second method is crafting Orbs in the dedicated shop. Using this option, you will not spend gems but it will cost you a lot of time. The fact is that you need to spend a lot of resources to craft an Orb. To get resources, you have to spend a lot of time in the game. So, this way suits players who love the game but do not want to spend real money.

Now you know more about how Orbs in All Star Tower Defense work, it is the right time to find out more about every Orb in the game. There are 35 unique Orbs in the game. Although, likely, this number will likely significantly increase in the future. Take it into account while reading this guide.


Orb Effect Price
Paw Orb Initial-DMG 1250% Upgrade-DMG 600% 1,500
Prey Eye Orb Initial-RMG 10% Cost -50 Initial DMG 15% 4,000
Titanic Orb Initial-DMG 500%Upgrade DMG 100% 2,500
Demonic Orb Initial DMG 100% Upgrade 225% 2,000
Gravity Orb Initial DMG 2000% Upgrade DMG 2500% 2,150
God Heart Orb Initial DMG 800%Upgrade DMG 900% 3,000
Blooming Orb Initial DMG 800% Upgrade DMG 2000% 2,700
Operator Orb Replacement Skill can teleport 8 more enemies 2,000
Crywolf Orb DMG 1700% 2,100
Green Natural Orb DMG 2350% 2,650
PinkStar Orb DMG 200% 2,650
Dark Spiritual Orb Initial DMG 200% Upgrade DMG !%% Slow Effects Final Hit Air Final Upgrade Can not be bought
Limitation Orb Initial DMG 700% Upgrade DMG 1600% 2,500
Moon Orb GT Goku becomes Golden Ozaru 9,000
Rose Orb Initial DMG 500% Upgrade DMG 2000% 3,000
Snake Orb Initial DMG 500% Upgrade DMG 1500% 2,000
Venomous Orb DMG 500% 1,500
Supa Future Orb DMG 350% 1,500
God Earring RIGHT Orb Change the Goku Form 3,750
God Earring LEFT Orb Change the Goku Form 3,750
Demon M Orb Initial DMG 500% Upgrade DMG 1000% 1,450
Golden-F-Scaling Orb Initial DMG 200% Upgrade DMG 650% Can not be bought
Bomba Orb Initial DMG 30% Can not be bought
Cost Orb Decrease cost of a unit by 100 Can not be bought
Fire Rage Orb Initial DMG 100% Can not be bought
Beast-M Scaling Orb Initial DMG 200% Upgrade DMG 250% Cannot be bought
Blueeye Orb Initial RNG 30% Cannot be bought
The Hawk Orb DMG 1300% Cannot be bought
Snow Orb Initial DMG 200% Upgrade DMG 1000% Cannot be bought
Path Orb Initial DMG 1500% Upgrade DMG 900% Cannot be bought
Quake Orb Initial DMG 180% Upgrade DMG 1500% Cannot be bought
Death Orb DMG 500% 6,666
Rainbow Magic Orb DMG 2000% 1,500
Mera Orb Initial DMG 600% Upgrade DMG 1000% 1,350
Lightning Breath Orb Initial DMG 900% Upgrade DMG 2500% 1,600
Gen (RAGE) Orb Initial RNG 40% Upgrade DMG 300% $1049
 Demon of Emotion  Unlocks more Dragons and a new ability  Cannot be bought
 Froozen Giant Orb  Initial DMG 200% Upgrade DMG 500%  Cannot be bought
 God Earring Left Orb  Potara Fusion  Crafted
 God Earring Right Orb  Potara Fusion  Crafted
 Reset Orb  An additional upgrade to Yoshaga Kiryu  Crafted
 Super Blueeye Orb  Initial RNG 40%  Cannot be bought

To conclude, in All Star Tower Defense there are 35 different Orbs. Every Orb is unique and can be used for various purposes. So, what Orb works best is your decision. 
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