All The Finals patch notes 1.4.0: Buffs, nerfs, and more

Embark Studios finally released patch notes 1.4.0 and it includes a substantial nerf to Heavys that I was praying for. Lights kind of got away scot-free in this one (which I’m happy about), but here’s what The Finals patch notes 1.4.0 include.

All balance changes in The Finals patch notes 1.4.0

In The Finals patch notes 1.4.0, Heavy’s Mesh Shield, C4, Dome Shield, and RPG got nerfed which I and the community were pleading for. The Explosive Mine got a nerf, and all other mines got a slight nerf. In general, nothing got completed nerfed to the ground — these patch note balance changes are extremely generous while also being fair.

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The Finals patch notes 1.4.0: Balance changes

  • Abilities
    • Goo Gun
      • Fixed an issue where goo could block the player
    • Mesh Shield
      • Mesh Shield Health reduced to 1100 from 1250
    • Recon Senses
      • Recon Senses activation cost reduced to 1 from 2 
  • Gadgets
    • C4
      • C4 max player damage reduced to 210 from 240
      • C4 max damage radius reduced to 1.6m from 2.4m
      • C4 self-damage multiplier increased to 1.3 from 1
    • Dome Shield
      • Dome Shield health reduced to 300 from 350
    • Gas Mine
      • Gas Mine arming time added (1.6 seconds)
    • Glitch Mine
      • Glitch Trap arming time added (1.6 seconds)
    • Goo Grenade
      • Fixed an issue where goo could block the player
    • Mine
      • Mine max player damage reduced to 140 from 160
      • Mine damage radius reduced to 3.5m from 4m
      • Mine arming time added (1.6 seconds)
    • Pyro Mine
      • Pyro Mine arming time added (1.6 seconds)
    • RPG-7
      • RPG-7 max player damage reduced to 150 from 165 
      • RPG-7 min player damage reduced to 80 from 90 
      • RPG-7 damage radius reduced to 4.5m from 4.75m 
      • RPG-7 max damage radius reduced to 1.5m from 2.5m
      • RPG-7 aim-down sights dispersion increased slightly
      • RPG-7 hip-fire dispersion increased slightly
    • Stun Gun
      • Increased Stun Gun range to 12m from 10m
  • Maps
    • Game Show Events
      • Added a repulsor to the flying saucers in the ‘Alien Invasion’ event
    • Vegas
      • Updated strain in various buildings, to give better destruction results
      • Resolved an issue where cashout stations would become invisible before players finished the transfer
  • Modes
    • Bankit
      • Disallowed Deathmatch game show event from occurring in BankIt game mode
  • Weapons
    • AKM
      • Slight adjustment to AKM recoil pattern
    • Flamethrower
      • Flamethrower fire rate increased to 170 from 160
    • LH1
      • LH1 damage increased to 47 from 45 
    • Melee Weapons
      • Fixed an issue where melee hits didn’t always connect with enemy players
    • M11
      • M11 damage increased to 16 from 15 
    • Riot Shield
      • Fixed a bug where the shield would block bullets, while invisible, during interactions (e.g. reviving or stealing extractions)
    • SA1216
      • SA1216 pellet dispersion increased slightly
      • SA1216 damage per pellet reduced to 7 from 8 


  • Vaulting
    • Reduced instances where you unintentionally climbed on objects outside of the player’s view. 
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck without being able to give input
  • Ziplines
    • Prevented placement of ziplines on pickupables


  • Various fixes to contestant screens
  • Polish to the social screen, which now hides the “Invite to party” button when you are not the party leader
  • Added a warning to the UI that appears when players are in danger of being AFK kicked
  • Player health bars now use the squad color when selected in the settings
  • UI shows you as “unranked” unless you’re among the top 500 on the leaderboards

With the new patch notes in play, it’s more important than ever to understand the meta builds in The Finals. Though this shifts all the time, especially with patch notes and the fact that The Finals is still a new game, learning and making the meta builds is the way to win.