All Tactical Operator Skins for MW3 and Warzone Season 1 (Plus Additional BlackCell Skins)

Call of Duty has a host of tactical Operators that players can unlock as they progress through the ranks. These Operators are diverse in combat, each possessing unique abilities and powers that are helpful when completing missions and traversing the map. When unlocked, these Operators come with a default Skin.

However, players can get unique Skins and cosmetics for their Operators to improve their appearance. Some of these Skins are free to unlock, but others require players to part with some cash or complete lengthy challenges. The latest MW3 and Warzone Season 1 update features a wide selection of Tactical Operator Skins players can get in each Battle Pass Sector.


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All Tactical Operator Skins for MW3 and Warzone Season 1


Here’s a complete list of all the Season 1 Operator Skins and their alternate BlackCell Skins.

“Foliage” Skins for Jet [Sector A2]

foliage skins for jet cod

This Skin is a full-body camo with a cap, and the design matches the texture and color of fallen leaves. It’s the perfect camo to go undetected on the competitive map. Its alternate BlackCell Skin is a sleek, all-black, full-body camo with gold accents. It also comes with a mask and a hood.

“Undaunted” Skins for Pathfinder [Sector A3]

undaunted skins for pathfinder cod

This Pathfinder Skin features black tactical gear with orange and gray accents. It also features a hood and white cap to match with orange accents. Upgrade to BlackCell to get the alternate skin, which is more intimidating and daunting. The additional Skin is designed with all-black gear, gold trims, and a pauldron with a skull imprinted on it.

“Resonance” Skins for Enigma [Sector A5]

resonance skins for enigma cod

The Enigma Skin for Battle Pass Sector A5 is a black and orange body armor with a full-face plate and a carry-on. The hints of orange throughout make this tactical gear sleek without being overly colorful. If you’re not a fan of the orange, upgrade your Battle Pass to get the alternate BlackCell Skin, which is an all-black and gold body armor, a pauldron, greaves, and a chest plate.

“Speed Runner” Skins for Doc [Sector A8]

speed runner skins for doc cod

This Doc Skin is a full-body gray gear with orange and white highlights. It comes with headphones for communication during battles and a cool beanie. The alternate BlackCell Skin features a full head covering to ensure your Operator maintains total anonymity during combat. The BlackCell skin is all-black, with a pauldron and gold gloves.

“Refuge” Skins for Scorch [Sector A11]

refuge skins for scorch cod

This Skin for Scorch features all-gray full-body gear and armor with orange highlights. It comes with rubber gloves and a gas mask to ensure you can handle the infected zones. Its alternate BlackCell Skin is designed to enhance mobility when moving around.

“Sigma” Skins for BBQ [Sector A17]

sigma skins for bbq cod

The BBQ Battle Pass skin is one of the few skins featuring a jacket and a metal face mask. Its alternate BlackCell Skin is a black ghillie suit with gold-plated body armor, knee pads, chest plates, and a pauldron.

“Incite” Skins for Scorch [Sector A19]

incite skins for scorch cod

The Scorch Battle Pass Skin features classic camouflage gear with a white helmet and body armor. If you don’t like the white, you can trade it in for the gold and black BlackCell skin. This comes with a cape, hood, and face mask.