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There’s nothing quite like seeing your Starter evolve for the first time in a monster catching game. In our Tales of Tanorio Starter Evolutions guide, we’ll walk you through all the options the game has to offer.

Tales of Tanorio is a Roblox take on the ever-popular monster catching genre. It features a huge cast of cute Tanorians to capture and battle with, and a beautiful world to enjoy while you do so. If you’re unsure on which Starter to pick, then this guide, which breaks down all of their evolved forms, may be able to help.

You can dive into Tales of Tanorio via Roblox right now. If you have Starters on the brain, check out our guide on how to Shiny Hunt Starters in Tales of Tanorio.

Tales Of Tanorio Starter Evolutions Guide

In this guide, we’ll break down each of the Starter Evolutions in the game, covering the changes each new stage brings.

Starter 1 – Rabush

Rabush is the Grass-type option among the three Starter Tanorians. It has an adorable design and stats that make it an ideal speedy Ranged attacker. It also has the Pollination Ability, which lets it absorb Grass type attacks and gain a power boost. This Ability remains for all three evolutionary stages.

First Evolution – Lunare

Your Rabush will evolve into Lunare starting at level 16. It remains a pure Grass type in this stage, but gets some improved stats.

Second Evolution – Guardemis

Guardemis is the final stage of the Rabush evolutionary line. Your Lunare will evolve into Guardemis starting at level 36. In this new stage, Guardemis gains a dual Grass/Cosmic typing, which gives it a lot more offensive utility. Its stats also reach their apex in terms of power.

Starter 2 – Charcile

Charcile is the Fire type Starter option, a tiny rattlesnake with a big personality. Stats-wise, it lends itself best to being a fast physical attacker. Similar to Rabush, it comes with the Stoked Ability, which causes it to absorb opposing Fire type attacks. As before, both of Charcile’s evolved forms have this Ability.

First Evolution – Serprince

Charcile evolves into Serprince starting at level 16. Other than a jump in stats, there’s no major difference between this Tanorian and its unevolved form.

Second Evolution – Ignidall

The final stage of the Charcile evolutionary line is a physical beast. It has huge Attack and Speed stats, alongside a dual Fire/Air typing that gives it excellent coverage in battle.

Starter 3 – Chewaqua

And finally we have Chewaqua: the game’s Water type Starter. It’s the slowest and bulkiest of the three, with an emphasis on tanking hits rather than sweeping teams through brute strength. It packs the Bubble Bath Ability, which functions identically to Pollination and Stoked but for Water type moves.

First Evolution – Aquazol

Once your Chewaqua hits level 16, it can evolve into Aquazol. As with all Tanorians it gets a nice across-the-board stat boost when it evolves, but it doesn’t get much beyond that.

Second Evolution – Jespirit

Get Aquazol to level 36, however, and you’ll see some real change, for that’s the level where it evolves into Jespirit. This new stage comes with a snazzy dual Water/Ghost typing, which is both unique and defensively useful. It also shifts focus stats-wise, gaining a lot of physical Attack and Ranged Defence. This allows it to hit much harder than before, while still tanking hits well.