All Rewards and Milestones for the Gardening Partners event in Monopoly GO

The Gardening Partners event is here, much sooner than I had anticipated! It was less than a month ago when we were dealing with the Gift Partners event, and here we are with another. Scopely does spoil us!

There are many rewards awaiting us as usual, so let’s get down to business.

All Rewards and Milestones for Gardening Partners in Monopoly GO

Below is a full list of rewards for each attraction in the Gardening Partners event in Monopoly GO. Each attraction has the following reward tiers, so you can earn the following rewards four times! I’ve also stated the points needed to reach each tier. The points needed here are much less than the previous Gift Partners event, so you’ll have a higher chance of getting all the rewards. It is worth noting that the grand prize isn’t as rewarding, however.

Note that Cash prizes are relative to each player, so I can’t assign values.

Total Points Needed Rewards
2,500 200 Free Rolls
6,000 Cash
13,000 250 Free Rolls and Cash
26,500 400 Free Rolls, High Roller, and a Pink Sticker Pack
32,000 500 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Blue Sticker Pack

These points aren’t cumulative, so after hitting the first milestone, you’ll need to gather 6,000 points to hit the next, not 3,500.

When all four attractions have been built, you’ll earn the following grand prize:

  • 5,000 Free Rolls
  • Purple Sticker Pack
  • Garden Cat Player Token
  • A new Emoji

There’s a lot to play for here!

Once completing the event to completion, you’d have gathered 10,400 Free Rolls, a huge amount of cash, 4 Pink Sticker Packs, 4 Blue Sticker Packs, a Purple Sticker Pack, a new Emoji, and the Garden Pack Player Token.

You’ll need to have gathered 320,000 points. So yeah, you’ll want dedicated partners to help you out with this monumental task.

How does Gardening Partners work in Monopoly GO?

Gardening Partners in Monopoly GO is the next partners next, where you’ll be teaming up with friends to construct four new attractions on the board itself. There are rewards for construction milestones and a grand prize for fully constructing all four.

Image: Scopely

To play Gift Partners, you’ll need to invite friends, one for each attraction. Invite as many as you can, and the first four that accept will be your partners for the event. When an attraction has a partner, you’ll both be trying to earn points to build it up.

Points are earned by spinning a wheel that will randomly land on a point prize. You can spin the wheel by spending flowers, the currency for this event. Flowers are earned as pickups and from other events running alongside this one.

As you and your partner spin the wheel and earn points, the attraction will not only improve in looks, but you’ll also earn threshold rewards which are very generous!

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Best way to win Gardening Partners in Monopoly GO

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to succeed in the Gardening Partners event in Monopoly GO. Your success will rely on your own acquisition of Flowers, the currency of this event, and the efforts of your partners.

Firstly, choose your partners wisely. If possible, reach out to as many dedicated friends as you can, so you all can be in close communication as the event unfolds. Teamwork is needed here. If you can’t find that many dedicated friends to fill the four attractions, then reach out to active Monopoly GO communities to find new friends. As long as you both are dedicated, you’ll both be putting in the points needed to build these attractions.

You will need to collect Flowers to spin the attraction wheels to get points. Flowers can be gained from other event rewards, and from other outlets in the game.

Make sure you claim the free reward that refreshes every 8 hours in the Store, and that you complete the Quick Wins every day. Also, claim the Daily Treats reward every time you log in. This will provide you with a decent baseline to start each day off. That will only get you so far, however.

The tournaments and milestone events that will be running alongside the Gardening Partners event will be very generous with the Flower rewards. Milestone prizes for both events and placement rewards for the tournaments will net you with hundreds of Flowers. Make sure you’re giving those events your all!

To maximise your efficiency, strive to hit at least the first reward tier for all attractions, as that will net you 200 Free Rolls for each one. This will set you up nicely to streamline the event as much as possible in the early stages, giving you a great head-start.

Can you switch partners in Gardening Partners in Monopoly GO?

Trading Stickers In Monopoly Go
Image: Scopely

Once you’ve accepted a partner, or someone has accepted your invite, there is no going back or switching. They’ll be your partner for the entire event for that attraction.

To prevent yourself from teaming with inactive partners, you can reach out to friends who play the game, or reach out to social media groups of Monopoly GO players. Facebook groups are a great place to find committed players that will happily partner up with you so you can both benefit from the rewards.

your success here does rely on who you partner up with, even if the point thresholds are lower this time around. Chose wisely!

How long will Gardening Partners last?

Gardening Partners started on the 8th of January at 9am UTC, and will be running until the 13th of January at 8pm UTC. So we’ve the standard amount of time to finish these attractions. Thanks to lower point thresholds, you should find more success in this time frame.

Now that you know everything there is about the Gardening Partners event in Monopoly GO, why don’t you make sure you’re up to date with the current Monopoly Origins album?