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Despite its charming menagerie of monsters, Palworld actually tackles some dark real-world issues in its design. One such issue is illegal trafficking, which you can get involved with yourself using our guide to all Palworld Black Market Trader locations.

Palworld is an open-world Survival game take on Pokémon, adding extra layers to the tried-and-tested catch ’em all formula. Where its inspirations typically encourage you to bond with your creatures, here they’re treated more as commodities. You can use your Pals to carry out tasks, and even sell them on the Black Market. This guide will show you just where to find it.

Palworld is available to buy on Steam and Xbox. It’s also free to download for Game Pass subscribers on both platforms. To get around quicker in the game, check out our Palworld Flying Mount Tier List.

All Palworld Black Market Trader Locations

There are a total of 12 Black Market Trader locations in Palworld. All 12 of these won’t be occupied at the same time, since the Black Market Traders move around the map, but these are the spots to search when you’re looking for one:

  • Inside the Abandoned Mineshaft, to the west of the Desolate Church fast travel point.
  • North-east of the Abandoned Mineshaft, on a wooded cliffside.
  • Over the bridge near the Small Settlement fast travel point. Follow the cliff edge round to its southern point.
  • West of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast travel point, on a high cliff.
  • On the western side of Mount Flopie, near two small lakes.
  • By the lakes on Eastern Wild Island, south-west of the fast travel point.
  • By a lake south-east of the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance.
  • On the northernmost peninsula north of the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance.
  • Follow the road north from the Icy Weasel Hill fast travel point. You’ll find this trader on a cliff edge just beyond.
  • Inside the Secret Mineshaft in the Desiccated Desert.
  • By the outer wall of the Duneshelter Ruins.
  • On the far western edge of the south beach in Mount Obsidian.

Each Black Market Trader offers a small selection of Pals you can buy. You can also sell Pals to them as well, if you’re looking to make a quick buck from the duplicates in your collection. Neither is particularly ethical, but both can help you advance your Palworld goals.