All Monopoly GO Gift Partners Event Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO combines the classic board game elements with a city-building aspect. Its gameplay involves buying, selling, and building properties with the main goal of bankrupting other players. The dice you roll determines how far you go on the board until only one player is left, and that player is the winner.

The latest event in Monopoly GO, Gift Partners, is in full swing, and as always, players have a chance to earn lots of dice rolls, sticker packs, and other exciting rewards. This detailed guide will cover everything you need to know about the Gift Partners event in Monopoly GO.


Monopoly GO Partner Event Schedule (December 2023)

Here’s when the next Partner Event in Monopoly Go should be happening.

Monopoly GO Gift Partners Full Rewards List and Milestones

gift partners monopoly go

Here’s a complete list of Gift Partners rewards and milestones in Monopoly GO:

Milestone Points Required Rewards
1 2,500 200 Dice Rolls
2 7,500 Cash
3 19,500 250 Dice Rolls and Cash
4 45,000 400 Dice Rolls, Three-Star Sticker Pack
5 80,000 500 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack, Cash
Grand Prize 3,20,000 5,000 Dice Rolls, Galaxy Sticker Pack, Mr. M Bot Token, and a new emote.

How Does the Monopoly GO: Gift Partners Event Work

gift partners monopoly go

The Gift Partners Event in Monopoly GO will run from 15th December to 20th December. During this period, you can complete milestones to claim massive prizes.

In this event, tycoons spin the wheel to earn points and proceed in the game. Each spin requires a minimum of 20 puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces are scattered randomly throughout the game board, so players can roll and collect the dice as the game advances. To get the grand prize of 5,000 Dice Rolls, you’ll need to spin the wheel with your partner to build all four gifts.

How to Get More Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces in Monopoly GO

jigsaw puzzle pieces monopoly goUse Dice Multipliers

To get more Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces, players should consider using Dice Multipliers, preferably when they are positioned 6-8 tiles away from the one featuring Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces. This strategy can help you land on a puzzle piece tile, allowing you to gather lots of pieces in one attempt.

Participate in Main Events

Monopoly GO has main events where players can participate to accumulate Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces. With more puzzle pieces, you’ll be able to earn more points and ultimately claim the grand prize.

How to Invite a Partner in Gift Partners

invite a partner monopoly go

To invite a partner in Gift Partners, you’ll need to click on the ‘Plus Sign’ found on the game’s board. This will open a list of suggested partners. You can team up with a suggested partner or click ‘Add Friends’ to invite your friends.

Monopoly GO is now available for PC and Mobile Devices.