All Monopoly GO events for January 5

In Monopoly GO, many smaller events hit the game to provide players with brief but great boosts to their money making. These change from day to day, so check here daily so you don’t miss out on your favorite events.

All events on 5 January in Monopoly GO

Here is a full list of all the events you can expect to see today, and what time they’re starting. I have presented all times in UTC, Universal Time Coordinated.

Big events happening today

Today, we’ll be seeing the end of the Chest Quest Challenge tournament (6pm UCT) and the start of the Race to the Top tournament, presumably with the same rewards as we are still early into this season.

The milestone event, Monopoly Origins, is still going strong, with 2 days left to get as far as you can.

Image: Scopely

Small events happening today

Today, we’ve got 6 brief events to look forward to, so make sure to play on-time if there’s one you particularly like.

These events will have a time range that they’re able to activate for, and upon you logging in during that time, the event will start, lasting till its duration runs out. So you don’t need to play the game exactly on-time, as you’ve got a large window.

  • Wheel Boost. Will start between 07:00 — 12:59 for 30 minutes.
  • Cash Boost. Will start between 10:00 — 12:59: for 5 minutes.
  • Rent Frenzy. Will start between 13:00 — 15:59 for 40 minutes.
  • High Roller. Will start between 16:00 — 21:59 for 10 minutes
  • Cash Free Parking. Will start between 16:00 — 21:59 for 1 hour.
  • Cash Grab. Will start between 22:00 — 03:59 (next day, 01/07/24) for 15 minutes.

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How do today’s events work in Monopoly GO?

If you’re unfamiliar with these events, simply listing them will mean nothing to you. Here is a break down of all the events beginning today.

The Race to the Top event is a tournament. You will be competing with other players for points, and by the tournament’s end, you’ll earn the reward of your rank.

Wheel Boost allows you to spin the Property Wheel twice after landing on a completed color set.

Cash Boost doubles all cash intake.

Rent Frenzy adds more rent targets to your board, allowing you to gain even more rent money!

High Roller allows you to increase your dice multiplier much higher than the usual maximum would be, allowing for huge rolls on a budget.

Free Parking will add either cash or dice to the Free Parking space as you land on certain tiles on the board. You’ll have to land on Free Parking to claim all the racked-up rewards. Today’s Free Parking will offer Cash.

Cash Grab adds a new card to the Chance deck – Cash Grab. If it gets triggered, you’ll have to tap on cash notes as they rain down, allowing you to bring in huge a profit.

Now that you’re all squared up with today’s events, why don’t you check out everything to know about the Monopoly Origins album?