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For a summary of All Grades in Type Soul, this guide is just that! For each race, I’ve listed out the different grades, as well as how to rank up efficiently.

Head over to the game’s official Roblox page to play now! To learn more about Type Soul, read our Type Soul Reaper Accessories guide, our Type Soul Quincy Medallion guide, and our Type Soul Quincy Progression walkthrough.

All Grades in Type Soul

Let’s take a look at the grade systems for all races in Type Soul. The only one that majorly differs from the others is Soul Reapers!


As you know, if you’re a fan of Bleach, Quincies don’t have any other forms unlike Hollows and Soul Reapers. So naturally, their progression works a little differently. If you’re a Quincy, your grade starts at Grade 5, which you then need to rank up to Elite Grade. It’s straightforward, if not a little time-consuming.

  • To get from Grade 5 to Semi Grade 1, your main goal is to get through as many missions as possible. Completing these missions in a party rewards you with Mission EXP, which then increases your rank up until Semi Grade 1.
  • Now that you’re Semi Grade 1, it’s time to make your way to Elite Grade. You can still earn Mission EXP during this step, but you must also take part in raids for Raid EXP. Additionally, killing as many Hollows as possible – make sure they’re NPCs and not players though! Lastly, Grip EXP is also a necessity.


Hollows may have different forms, but their grading system is more or less the same as Quincies. However, Grade 2 grants a new path in the skill tree!

  • Beginning at Grade 5, you need to work your way up to Semi Grade 1. To do this, all you need to do is earn Mission EXP from completing a range of missions in a party.
    • During this step, you’ll reach Grade 2! Why Grade 2 specifically? Well, you get to choose a Cero Path in your Kido skill tree. Please note that you can only select a singular Cero Path, so choose wisely.
  • From Semi Grade 1, your next goal is to get to Elite Grade. Obtain a mixture of Raid EXP, Mission EXP, and Grip EXP from successful grips! It’s a bit of a grind, but you can easily rank up by just playing the game, and earning EXP passively.

Soul Reapers

Last but not least, the Soul Reapers. Despite the fairly simple process for the races above, the steps for Soul Reapers are slightly more complicated. Firstly, you start as a Trainee rather than a Grade 5.

  • The first grade is Trainee, which then leads to the usual Grade 5 rank. You reach Trainee as soon as you become a Soul Reaper, after speaking to Kisuke. The first area you visit as a Trainee is Rukongai! To get to Grade 5, you need to work through missions for Mission EXP.
  • Now, you need to get from Grade 5 to Grade 3. By then, you should be in a Division! Which ties into the next step.
  • Grade 3 to Grade 2 can be reached by obtaining both Mission EXP and Division EXP – the latter being obtained via completing Division missions.
  • Once you reach Grade 2, you have to beat your Shikai before you’re able to rank any higher. The next milestone is Semi Grade 1! After beating your Shikai for the first time, you will start to earn Shikai EXP. Combine this with Mission EXP and Division EXP as you’ve been previously doing.
  • Getting from Semi Grade 1 to Elite Grade is more or less the same as Hollows and Quincies. Obtain Grip EXP, Mission EXP, Division EXP, Raid EXP, and throw in some Shikai EXP too!