All Fortnite Winterfest 2023 quests and challenges

Winterfest 2023 is finally here in Fortnite, and you probably want to know about all the quests and challenges you’ll have to complete.

If you want to reap all the rewards this holiday event has to offer, we’ll tell you all the Winterfest quests. For the next three weeks you’ll get the chance to complete this slew of quests for goodies.

Fortnite: All Winterfest 2023 challenges and quests

Revealed by iFireMonkey on Twitter/X, we know what all the quests will be for this event. Alongside these challenges you can login to Fortnite daily to receive a free cosmetic reward. Without further ado, here are all the Fortnite Winterfest 2023 quests and challenges.

Screenshot: PC Invasion
Collect an item inside a present thrown by Sgt. Winter
Destroy hacked Ship It! Express Drones at Hot Spots
Visit a Ship It! Express location
Deliver packages to their rightful destinations
Investigate stolen present stashes
Use a sneaky Snowmando prop disguise near Krampus
Deploy a beacon at Krampus’ present stash
Place festive snow creatures
Visit Crackshot’s Cabin when the floating loot island appears
Emote with Holiday Boxy or Sgt. Winter
Help eliminate Krampus to save Winterfest
Talk to Holiday Boxy about the stolen boxes
Land from the bus at Winterburg and finish in the top 20 players
Travel distance while sliding continuously with Icy Feet
Travel distance in the air using the Icy Grappler
Talk to Characters to receive free items
Assist in searching Winterfest Present containers found around the map
Consume Snowy Floppers of hide in a Sneaky Snowmando
Emote on the dance floor
Light off a firework
Hit opponents with snowballs from the Snowball Launcher
Land in a snowy region in different matches
Damage opponents while in a snowy region

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Upon completing each quest, you’ll gain 15,000 XP. Also, some of these quests happen in steps, and each time you complete a step you’ll get the 15k XP reward. Not only that, but this Winterfest will have a new LTM called Ship It! Express, also lasting for around three weeks. It’ll have its own exclusive challenges that you can only complete while playing this mode.

If you’re itching to know about the Fortnite Winterfest rewards, we have a guide listing all the rewards you can earn this event.