All Eternity Isle Gems and Where to Find Them

Anyone familiar with Disney Dreamlight Valley would know that gems are a crucial part of its gameplay. From Citrines to Alexandrites, the enchanting valley houses a number of gems, and the new expansion has introduced more exquisite gems. They can be sold at Goofy’s stalls for Star Coins or gifted to villagers to increase friendship levels.

A Rift in Time expansion introduced a new Eternity Isle world in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Each biome houses specific gems and other resources that are exclusive to that biome only. In this article, you’ll find a complete list of all the gems found on Eternity Isle, along with their locations and selling prices.


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All New Gems Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time

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Gem Locations Selling Price
Alexandrite The Wastes, The Oasis (Glittering Dunes) Regular Alexandrite: 350 Star Coins Shiny Alexandrite: 1,400 Star Coins
Jade The Courtyard, The Overlook (Ancient’s Landing) Regular Jade: 250 Star Coins Shiny Jade: 1,000 Star Coins
Evergem The Ruins (Ancient’s Landing) Regular Evergem:300 Star Coins Shiny Evergem: 1,200 Star Coins
Spinel The Promenade, The Grove (Wild Tangle) Regular Spinel: 450 Star Coins Shiny Spinel: 1,800 Star Coins
Blue Zircon The Lagoon (Wild Tangle) Regular Blue Zircon: 500 Star Coins Shiny Blue Zircon: 2,000 Star Coins
Bumblestone The Borderlands (Glittering Dunes) Regular Bumblestone: 400 Star Coins Shiny Bumblestone: 1,600 Star Coins.

How to Mine Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To mine gems and other minerals in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need the pickaxe tool. This tool can be obtained by completing The Royal Tools quest. It’s one of the early-game quests that introduces players to all the royal tools in the game, including fishing rod, pickaxe, watering can, and shovel. The pickaxe can be found right behind Scrooge McDuck’s store in the Plaza region of the valley.

Once players have the pickaxe, all they need to do is approach a rock spot and smash it using their pickaxe. Apart from gems, rocks can also drop other useful resources, such as stones, iron ores, and coal ores, depending on the biome. And yes, you can also find Shiny gems while mining. They appear in the same locations as their ordinary counterparts but have much higher selling prices.

How to Use Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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As mentioned above, players can earn Star Coins by selling gems at Goofy’s Stalls or gift them to their Disney friends to raise friendship levels with them. Apart from that, you’ll also need some gems to proceed in some quests, such as Diamond in the Rough.