All Dancing Snowmen Locations in 10 Ridgeview Court in Phasmophobia

The Holiday Event 2023 is happening right now in Phasmophobia, and you can participate in the festivities with a little snowman hunting! Tracking down all the Dancing Snowmen locations in the 10 Ridgeview Court in Phasmophobia is tricky, so we’re here to help!

What do the Dancing Snowmen do in Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia‘s latest event features the Dancing Snowmen, including ones you must track down and shoot with snowballs in 10 Ridgeview Court! You must track them down and shoot them with snowballs. You’ll need a snowball launcher to do this, so be sure to collect all 3 Mysterious Parts in Sunny Meadows first!

10 Ridgeview Court Dancing Snowmen Exterior Locations

There are 7 Dancing Snowmen before you even enter the house at 10 Ridgeview Court in Phasmophobia, as shown below:

  • Atop a wooden barricade in front of you as you leave your starting point
  • Past the barricades on the ground
  • 2 on the white picket fence posts, one each on your left and right as you go through the gate
  • On the rooftop above the main entrance of the house
  • Seated on the porch chair
  • On the potted plants next to the door
  • 10 Ridgeview Rooftop

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These are reasonably easy to spot, but it did take some looking around to find the one on the ground until a flash of lightning saved the day!

10 Ridgeview Court interior main floor locations

There are 14 Dancing Snowmen in the main flow of 10 Ridgeview Court. Here is where things can get confusing, but I advise you to tackle this room-by-room. Starting with the entryway, check the following spots:

  • On your left, there are 3 in the living room
  • Inside the laundry room, on the washer past the door
  • Down the hall, there’s one perched on the upright piano
  • In the garage, there’s one on the darker car, one on the shelving just at the corner near the car, and one next to the red toolbox as you enter
  • Inside the kitchen, one each on the microwave and the fridge
  • Opposite the kitchen is one perched on the windowsill
  • In the bedroom past the kitchen, there’s one on the lamp next to the bed
  • Inside the bathroom through the bedroom here, one is perched on the showerhead
  • In the closet past this bathroom, check the coat rack on the right side
  • Inside the bathroom near the basement door, next to the trash can at the toilet
Phasmophobia 10 Ridgeview Court Dancing Snowmen Locations Windowsill
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Clearing the interior of this map was a huge relief, as the hard part is done.

10 Ridgeview Court Interior Basement Dancing Snowmen Locations

There are only 3 Dancing Snowmen in the basement, which in any other context would be horrifying yet hilarious. You can find them here:

  • Atop the locker opposite where you enter
  • On the green bin to the left of the locker
  • Perched on the shelves at medium height to the right of where you enter
10 Ridgeview Basement
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The basement is large but surprisingly barren for these adorable easter eggs. But now we must go upstairs for the final portion!

10 Ridgeview Court Interior Upstairs Dancing Snowmen Locations

These are the last 14 snowmen you’ll need to find, shown below:

  • On top of the laundry hamper ahead of you when you go upstairs
  • To the left, down the hallway at the corner between doors
  • In the bathroom here, on the sink and around the toilet
    • There’s a total of 3 surrounding the toilet, and while they’re adorable, you must shoot them too!
  • Inside the other door, in the blue bedroom, there’s one next to the trash can
  • On the opposite side of this hallway, there’s one inside the pink bedroom, behind the door
  • As you walk out, look down, and you’ll see another sitting at the divider wall
  • To the right of the stairs you took to get here, check inside the green bedroom to the right of the door
  • In the same room, check the top of the desk
  • Finally, in the bathroom nearby, there’s one to the right of the sink and another on the soap dish
Phasmophobia 10 Ridgeview Court Dancing Snowmen Locations Toilet
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you find and shoot all the Dancing Snowmen at 10 Ridgeview Court in Phasmophobia, the lights will go out and you’ll trigger an event, so step outside for a festive snowfall! Be sure to check out our guides for tracking down the Dancing Snowmen on other maps!