February 3, 2023

Even with primary data of Magic: The Gathering, you realize that there are 5 colours within the common card recreation. Whereas mono-color decks are at all times common, a fair higher possibility is to combine colours for particular synergies. However do you know that each one coloration combos have their very own names? 

There are 25 combos in complete, with 10 two-color, 10 three-color, and 5 four-color combos you can pull off. There’s additionally the mix of all 5 colours, however that one doesn’t have a selected identify aside from being unimaginatively referred to as ‘five-colored’. On this article, we’ll clarify the names behind all the coloration combos in Magic: The Gathering.

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What are the names of coloration combos in Magic: The Gathering

Names of all two-color combos

All two-color combos in Magic: The Gathering originate behind the lore of Ravnica, which is the identify of one in every of MTGs planes. The 2-color combos are every named after one in every of Ravnica’s guilds from the lore.

  • Azorius: White + Blue
  • Boros: Pink + White
  • Dimir: Blue + Black
  • Golgari: Black + Inexperienced
  • Gruul: Pink + Inexperienced
  • Izzet: Blue + Pink
  • Orzhov: White + Black
  • Rakdos: Black + Pink
  • Selesnya: White + Inexperienced
  • Simic: Blue + Inexperienced

Names of all three-color combos

There are ten three-color combos in Magic: The Gathering, with 5 of them named after the Alara block from the Shards of Alara enlargement launched in 2008-2009, and the opposite 5 named after the Khans of Tarkir block from the enlargement of the identical identify launched in 2014-2015.

  • Abzan: White + Black + Inexperienced
  • Bant: White + Blue + Inexperienced
  • Esper: White + Blue + Black
  • Grixis: Blue + Black + Pink
  • Jeskai: White + Blue + Pink
  • Jund: Black + Pink + Inexperienced
  • Mardu: White + Black + Pink
  • Naya: White + Pink + Inexperienced
  • Sultai: Blue + Black + Inexperienced
  • Temur: Blue + Pink + Inexperienced

Names of all four-color combos

The 5 four-color combos in Magic: The Gathering are named after the Nephilim creatures from the Guildpact enlargement launched in 2006. The Nephilim have been appropriately the primary four-color creatures launched.

  • Glint: All colours besides White
  • Dune: All colours besides Blue
  • Ink: All colours besides Black
  • Witch: All colours besides Pink
  • Yore: All colours besides Inexperienced

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