All Available Codes for Fortblox (January 2024)

Updated: December 30, 2023

We checked for the latest codes!

Looking to get an edge in Fortblox on Roblox? Instead of cranking 90s, we’ve got the latest working codes you can redeem in Fortblox.

Fortblox is a Fortnight-inspired game on Roblox, and if you squint really hard, it almost passes as the game it takes inspiration from. In Fortblox, you can explore, battle other players, and customize your character with some fun skins. If you’re looking to get an advantage over the other players, a cheat code always helps.

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Working Fortblox Roblox Codes

There is currently only one available code for Fortblox on Roblox. 

  • CHRISTMAS2023 – 1000 B-Bucks (New)
  • 10MILLIONVISITS – 1000 bbucks
  • 8MILLY – 800 bbucks
  • 4KDISCMEMBERS – 1,000 B-Bucks

B-bucks can be used to buy emotes and snazzy new skins in the store so you can sport a fresh look. After all, what’s the point of winning if you don’t look fabulous doing it?

Image via Artemis Studios!

How to use Codes in Fortblox

To redeem your code, look to the top right of the screen. There, you will see the Rewards button; click it. From there, you will see the word Codes. Type in the active cheat code and hit submit. Your reward will be activated and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Be Aware

It is important to note that there is more than one game on Roblox named Fortblox. This article, and consequently the code, is specifically about the version produced by Artemis Studios! 

There is one more thing you can do, other than redeem the code, to get some in-game bonuses. If you join the developers’ Roblox group, you will receive 500 wood. 

Three fortblox characters stand in a digital field in front of a bolder. The one of the left has a hand raised and resembles a lego version of Jesus or Keanu Reeves. The one in the middle has a raised eyebrow, short spiked blonde hair, and holds a gun. He doesn't resemble anyone I can think of. The third is possible holding a nightstick and looks like Pitbull (Mr. Worldwide) in what is possibly a Catholic priest's uniform. It's an odd assemblege.
Image via Artemis Studios!

It’s a good idea to follow the developers on both Roblox and Discord if you want to keep up with the latest codes they release. Otherwise, watch this space as we will endeavor to keep it updated with the latest Fortblox codes.