All Athra Surge Locations in The Lost Crown

The Athra Surges are powerful abilities that Sargon can use in fights. Here is how The Lost Crown players can find all of them.

On his journey to rescue Prince Ghassan, Sargon faces many powerful enemies who are willing to put an end to his life. The Immortal has to rely on his skills to overwhelm his opponents and defeat them before they cause any serious damage.

Throughout his journey in The Lost Crown, Sargon receives new powers that help him overcome difficult challenges. Early in the game, he awakens the ability to use Athra Surges. Initially, he only gets one, but as the story progresses, he receives more. There are a total of ten Athra Surges in The Lost Crown, and this guide will cover where to obtain them.


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Athra Surges Showcase

While there are ten Athra Surges in The Lost Crown, Sargon can only have two of them equipped at any given time. Whenever players find a new Athra Surge, they will have to go to a Wak-Wak Tree to equip them.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - All Athra Surges and How to Get Them

All Athra Surges in The Lost Crown and How to Unlock Them

Depending on your style of play, you can choose any kind of Athra Surge. In the table below, players will find all ten Athra Surges in The Lost Crown and how to obtain them.

Athra Surge



How To Obtain It

Verethragna’s Smite

  • Rush towards an enemy with a piercing strike that shatters all defenses.

Shahbaz’ Spirit

  • Launch a powerful cross slash attack above Sargon.
  • Fight Alternate Sargon in the Sacred Archives.

Wind of Sistan

  • Create a swirling wave of Athra that cripples enemies.
  • Interact with the skeleton in the Depths.

Vayu’s Wave

  • Release a powerful, unfurling wave of Athra that pushes back the enemy. The end of the move can be interrupted.
  • Complete Artaban’s challenges.

Bahman’s Breath

  • Create an explosion and a healing zone that gradually restores health.
  • You can obtain this Athra Surge by healing at the first Wak-Wak Tree in the Hyrcanian Forest.

Arash’s Ray

  • Fire a powerful beam that goes through enemies.
  • Defeat the Alternate Sargon during the Tiger and Rat main mission.

Hadhayans’ Might

  • Teleport over your enemies to crush them to the ground from the heavens.
  • Beat two Alternate Sargons in the Soma Tree region.

Soul Of Gilgamesh

  • Channel Athra to become temporarily stronger and faster. Improves all moves to allow for new combos.
  • Defeat the Alternate Sargon in the Pit of Eternal Sands.

Bahamut’s Rage

  • Unleash a large and devastating whirlwind attack that throws light foes in the air and then smashes them violently to the ground.
  • Defeat Orod to obtain this Athra Surge.

Rashnu’s Judgement

  • Ready a stance which allows for a remarkable counter-attack when timed just right.
  • Beat Menolias to unlock Rashnu’s Judgement.

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