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In Anime Roulette, Luck buffs can be the difference between a 1 hour grind and a 100 hour grind. In this guide, I’ll walk you through all of the available options, so the odds will be ever in your favour.

Anime Roulette is a gacha experience on the Roblox platform. It gives you unlimited rolls with which to collect Titles from various popular anime series. Normally, getting a specific rare Title comes down to pure luck of the draw, but there are ways to give yourself an advantage. Read on for a full list of all of them.

You can start rolling in Anime Roulette via Roblox right now. For more on the game, check out our Anime Roulette Crafting guide and our Anime Roulette Events guide.

Full List Of Anime Roulette Luck Buffs

The following is a complete list of all the available Luck buffs in Anime Roulette. Some are accessed through Items, some through Missions and Achievements, and some through just playing the game at the right time. These Luck buffs can all be stacked, so try to combine as many as possible for the best results.

  • Arrow – An Item you can find lying around the map. Grants a 100% Luck bonus for 30 seconds when used.
  • Dragon Ball – An Item you can find lying around the map. Grants a 200% Luck bonus for 5 minutes.
  • Night Time Luck – While playing the game at night (real time, not in-game), you’ll receive a 200% Luck bonus. The exact hours that constitute ‘Night’ in each region are unconfirmed.
  • Parkour Luck – Complete the parkour challenge on the map and touch the light at the end to get a 100% Luck bonus for 60 seconds.
  • Premium Luck – If you have Roblox Premium, you’ll receive a small +1 boost to your base Luck.
  • Show Time Luck – Between the hours of 3-5PM EST, you’ll receive a Luck bonus ranging from 100-500%.
  • Super Rolls – These boost your Luck by 8x. You can earn Super Rolls through various means. Check out my Anime Roulette Super Rolls guide for more information.