Alchemy Stars tier list – The best characters ranked


Alchemy Stars tier list – Best Forest characters

Louise is the best healer that you can have in a Forest team. Alternatively, if you are missing Louise, you can use Uriah. Forest teams feature many units that offer high mobility. If you are looking for a unit to invest in, Ophina is a very solid choice. Once she reaches her full Limit Break skill, that’s when you really see the difference.

Tier Characters
S+ Hiiro, Minos, Jeriah, Siobhan, Sikare, Hedy, Goldie
S Louise, Gabriel, Jeno, Hedy, Lucoa, Antony, Naroxel, Nikinis, Pact, Brandy, Leo, Beryl, Areia, Odi, Lenore, Hiiro, Paloma, Migard, Mythos, Joshua, Barton (Deft Blades), Cuscuta, Robyn
A Yao, Lola, Casta, MONA, Pasolo, Siobhan, Sikare, Anatoli, May, Uriah, Ophina, Wendy
B Sylva, Gabriel, Dawn, Joselyne
C Jola, Dove, Lester, Clover, Jomu, Leah


Alchemy Stars tier list – Best Fire characters

Alchemy Stars character Istvan surrounded by flames

Teleport is a very useful skill, especially when it comes to Boss fights or certain stages that have specific mechanics as it offers high mobility. If you are making a fire team, consider using Pepi. Her zero cooldown teleport skill can be very useful. Brock is also a very good unit for clearing stages. His active allows him to pull every enemy on the board.

Tier Characters
S+ Mia (Lustrous Soul), Hati, Jona, Giles, Lorelei, Maggie, Lilica, Uriel, Carleen (Smoldering Soul)
S Victoria, Sinsa, Leona, Charon, Gram, Tohru, Nails, JOKER, Frostfire, Regina, Rinne, Eicy, Matthieu, Zhong Xu, Faust, Istvan, Novio, Smokey, Jakine, Brock, Joanie Boom, Liqing, Algol
A Taki, Benny & Curo, Rouge, Momo & Anzu, Barbara, Tiny One
B VIOLET, Patty & Patsy, Cordy, Genevieve, Alice
C Chandra, Chainsaw Rick, Sork & Bekk, Pepi


Alchemy Stars tier list – Best Water characters

Carleen - best Water characters

If you are going for a Water team and you are planning on using a healer, at the start of the game Zoya is probably your best choice. Ms.Blanc can buff your Water element units, plus she can change the color of the tiles making her a very solid choice in every Water team.

Tier Characters
S+ Carleen, Bethlehem, Ruby, Tina, Barton, Azure, Fia
S Raphael, Hydrad, Philyshy, Cena, Noah, Chloe, Sariel, Zarya, Kleken, Ms. Blanc (Pura Cordis), Schwartz (Almighty Clamor), Bethel, Nina, Mu Yuebai, Regal, Sharona, Vice (Keen Sight), Fleur, Connolly, FOX, Corax, Vice
A Ruby, Ms. Blanc, Vic, Kristen, Beretta, Allura
B Zoya, Rainbow, Kuma & Pengy, Elma, Constantine
C Kayano, Fafnir, Tweety, Michenny, Seleucid, Jane, Korgon, White Dwarf


Alchemy Stars tier list – Best Thunder characters

Alchemy Stars character Michael casting his lightning

If you are making a Thunder team, keep in mind that (similarly to Fire teams), Thunder teams lack mobility. That is because they are missing a good teleport unit. In case you don’t have Michael, a good alternative would be Eho.

Tier Characters
S+ Reinhardt, Michael, Irridon, Pollux, Nemesis, Florine
S Wrath (Proud Fervor), Leyn, Tessa, Requiem, Luke, Revy, QUEEN, Wrath, Eve, Schwartz, Amemori, Yingel, Gronru, Beverly, Ciel, Axelia, Roy, No. 33
A Sadie, Vivian, Dayna, Erica, Hachi & Gin, Mia, Sanae, Keating, Pittman, Nadine, Kya, Bopper
B Kafka, Kanna, Unimet, Rabbie, Amy
C Bonacie, Angel, Ansia, Lilliam, Eho


How to reroll for free in Alchemy Stars

Sometimes RNG just isn’t on your side. Happens too often. But at the very least, what you can do is get a good head start by obtaining some nice characters with the free recruits at the beginning of the game. How do you do that? Just follow the steps to get free Alchemy Stars reroll.

  • Start your game
  • Complete the tutorial and recruit characters after 1-4 level.
  • If the RNG was terrible, go back to the start screen and log out.
  • Sign in again with a different email (or Facebook, Twitter account)
  • Repeat the process until you get some good units


Creating your team

A very popular option when creating a party is the ‘monochrome team‘. Of course, that doesn’t mean that’s the only viable way of making a team, but new players might find this info helpful. Check our best team comps!

In that kind of composition, every character that we are using has to be the same colour. You can go for any Captain that you like, as long as it is your strongest unit. Generally, what you want to go for are a single healer, a tile converter (units that can change the colour of the tiles) and two chain combo characters. It’s not advised to use low star characters as your damage dealers though.

You are going to need 3 and 4-star support units in order to clear some of the game’s content. It can be for a boss mechanic or to fulfil certain stage conditions, so keep that in mind!