AFK Journey will release for iOS at the end of the month

  • AFK Journey’s iOS and a new trailer listing indicates a March 27th release date
  • The game is a spin-off/sequel to AFK Arena
  • It features gorgeous cel-shaded art and a revamped combat system

AFK Journey, the spin-off-slash-sequel to AFK Arena will be coming to iOS before the end of the month, it has been revealed. The game’s iOS listing indicates that March 27th will be its official release date, after the game arrived on Android for some regions already. A new trailer also confirms the date, although over in the UK, we’ve already got access to AFK Journey on Android.

Set in the world of Esperia and featuring many of the same recruitable heroes as AFK Arena, AFK Journey takes the action from a simple 2D strategy game into a fully-realised 3D world. You’ll get to explore towns, cities and a hugely varied wilderness at your own pace. As we noted in our coverage of the preview, while there were some issues to smooth out, the game is overall an incredible development of the original AFK title.

A journey for the ages

We’ve been pretty pleased with what we’ve experienced with AFK Journey. The ability to slow down time to give precise ability orders, stage hazards, traps and more helps to add an extra layer of strategy to the auto-battler genre. The charming art style is also a major bonus and ensures that there are plenty of great visuals to enjoy, as well as the return of Farsight’s definitive AFK mechanic that allows you to collect rewards when you return after a period of inactivity.

You can check out the release date trailer below!

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