AFK Journey releases exclusive new trailer teasing upcoming global launch this month

  • AFK Journey is the new, innovative follow-up to hit game AFK Arena
  • It features a full 3D environment, engaging gameplay, stylish visuals and more
  • AFK Journey is set to release March 27th, so check out the launch trailer!

AFK Journey, the story-book fantasy style follow-up to the hit game AFK Arena, has released a celebratory trailer for the global launch. Set to release in only a few days – March 27th – the hype is building for this spiritual sequel to one of the biggest idle RPGs on the planet. AFK Journey promises to offer a deep, yet approachable experience, and you can find the launch trailer for the game below.

Set in the realm of Esperia, full of different factions to encounter and heroes to recruit, AFK Journey takes the action of the franchise from 2D to full 3D with gorgeously rendered storybook-style visuals. It also features new twists on auto-battler fights, with traps, terrain and other mechanics mixing up your encounters and challenging your heroes’ abilities.

It’s the journey that matters

We’ve been pleased with what we’ve experienced going hands-on with AFK Journey. While we found some issues that needed to be ironed out, overall we were pleased with the direction AFK Journey was going in our preview as a sequel and successor to AFK Arena. If you’re sceptical about idle RPGs or auto-battlers, then AFK Journey is one that could change your mind.

With its incoming launch, you might want to get prepped if you plan to jump on into the world of Esperia. So why not check out our beginners guide to AFK Journey for all the tips and tricks we figured out from the closed beta? As we noted, the combat has also changed a lot in this follow-up, so our guide to battles in AFK Journey is also a must-read.

And if you can’t wait for March 27th to get your RPG fix from AFK Journey’s release, then don’t fret. Check out our list of the top 25 RPG games on Android to get your fix!