A Sonic Prime Villain Is Coming to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle


  • Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is adding Grim Sonic, a villain from Sonic Prime, to its roster of racers in a new event.
  • Grim Sonic is a dangerous robotic duplicate of Sonic created by Tails Nine to combat Sonic and Shadow.
  • The event in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle will run from January 9-16, just before the premiere of Sonic Prime’s third season on Netflix.

With the premiere of Sonic Prime‘s third season on Netflix on the horizon, Sega Hardlight’s Sonic Forces: Speed Battle mobile title will be adding one of the show’s debuting villains, Grim Sonic, to its roster of racers. Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is a mobile spin-off game developed by Sega Hardlight as a tie-in to the 2017 mainline console game. While the original Sonic Forces was seen as a middling game, Sega Hardlight would continue supporting its mobile counterpart, adding in a number of playable characters from alternate continuities and canons. This includes characters from the IDW Comics, the live-action movies, and Sonic Prime.

Sonic Prime characters were first added to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle after the release of the first season, making Tails Nine and Rusty Rose playable racers. Three more characters from Prime would be added to Speed Battle, those being Sonic Prime‘s version of Sonic using the Boscage Maze claws, the Boscage Maze version of Amy Rose, Thorn Rose, and the pirate-themed version of Knuckles, Knuckles the Dread. With the upcoming event focused on the third season of Prime, it features a brand-new villain who was teased in the previews of the show, Alpha Grim Sonic.


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According to a recent post on Sonic Stadium, Alpha Grim Sonic, or simply Grim Sonic, is coming to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle in a new event that will be running from January 9-16. This event will start a few days before the third and final season of Sonic Prime premieres on Netflix, as that will debut on January 11, so fans have a few days to unlock him before the episodes are available. Grim Sonic’s unique ability is “Grimions,” which creates a robotic army that will run forward and impede any racers ahead of the player.

Grim Sonic Sonic Forces Speed Battle

Grim Sonic is a robot built by Tails Nine, created for the purpose of combating both Sonic and Shadow. He resembles Chaos Sonic, another robotic duplicate introduced in Sonic Prime, but is a much more dangerous foe to Sonic. He’s essentially the show’s take on Sonic’s iconic evil doppelgänger, Metal Sonic, with Grim Sonic possessing the same speed-based abilities as his organic counterpart. Based on trailers for the third season, Sonic and his friends will have to deal with robotic duplicates of themselves led by Nine in his conquest to use the Paradox Prism for his own goals.

Alongside Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, Sega Hardlight is also working on post-launch content for Sonic Dream Team, an Apple Arcade exclusive title that was released back in December. Unlike Speed Battle, Dream Team is a 3D platforming game with six playable characters and twelve levels. Between the post-lauch content for Dream Team, the premiere of Sonic Prime’s third season, and the ongoing releases of the Sonic IDW comics, fans will clearly not be starved for Sonic content in 2024.

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November 7, 2017