A Rare Deal Has the Advantage Game Controller for Xbox at a Discount

PowerA Advantage Wired Controller

$32 $38 Save $6

One of PowerA’s more recent additions to their impressive collection of controllers is PowerA Advantage. This wired controller is designed for the Xbox and offers extra features like vibrant multi-zone RGB lighting. The Blue version of this great controller is now selling at a rare discount price of $32.99.

Amazon recently marked down the PowerA Advantage controller, now available for $32.29. This is a 15% reduction from its regular price of $37.99, making it just over $5 cheaper. It’s the perfect chance for Xbox gamers to grab a high-quality controller now at a fairly rare discounted price. Do note that this deal is only for the Blue version of the controller, which is a looker but might not be to everyone’s tastes.

PowerA is the manufacturer behind the PowerA Advantage. The company is known for creating gaming accessories for all persuasions. Their product range primarily focuses on designing controllers that amend the first-party offerings with additional features or bring about more affordable options to the table. In addition to console and PC controllers, some of their most notable products include charging stands, cases, and other accessories.

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What Makes PowerA Advantage a Great Xbox Controller

The PowerA Advantage is a wired gaming controller designed for Xbox, and the latest Xbox Series X/S consoles in particular. One of its main features is called advanced gaming buttons. These allow players to program two extra buttons on the fly, making the controller a super versatile companion. Another key feature is the 3-way trigger locks. These locks adjust the trigger distance, which can be helpful, especially for FPS games requiring quick reflexes or racing games demanding precise control.

The controller also features dual rumble motors, which might not be available in more mundane or older controllers. These motors add a tactile element to gaming, making the experience much more immersive. With the help of the motors, players can feel every explosion, crash, or strike in their game at their fingertips. Additionally, the impulse triggers on the PowerA Advantage provide reactive feedback, further adding to the immersion. The triggers have built-in motors that replicate game actions, adding another layer of realism to the gaming experience.

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The PowerA Advantage also has an extra-long USB-C Cable. This 10-foot cable offers more flexibility, especially for gamers who prefer a longer distance from their screen. A cable that is too short can be a major hindrance to comfort. Additionally, the Type-C connector on the USB cable is reversible for more convenience. The ergonomic design further ensures comfort during long gaming sessions. The controller’s lightweight build and diamond-textured grip prevent hand fatigue, allowing for extended play without discomfort. The PowerA Advantage game controller is now available on Amazon for a limited time at the discounted price of $32.29.

Key Features

  • Advanced gaming buttons for on-the-fly customization
  • 3-way trigger locks for adjustable trigger distance
  • Dual rumble motors for immersive gameplay

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