A Bit of a Fixer Upper Quest Guide

After helping Woody fix a few disasters in “Failing Better”, you will need to help Woody again by getting his project completed. As Woody learned in his first friendship quest, there are some tasks that are just too big and unmanageable for a toy. But with your help, Woody’s Carousel will be as good as new in no time at all. Woody’s second friendship quest is called A Bit of a Fixer Upper. In order to unlock this friendship quest you will first need to reach Level Four with Woody.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: Flower Power Guide (Mickey Friendship Quest)

The Flower Power quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley tasks players with collecting some potentially perilous plants. Here’s how to complete it.

Talk to Woody


As ever, the first step for this quest is to talk to Woody. He acknowledges that without your help he is going to have a hard time fixing the Carousel all by himself. Naturally, the best person to talk to about fixing the Carousel is Kristoff. Find him and speak to him to progress this quest. He is eager to fix the Carousel, but to do that he will need a Repair Kit.

Craft the Repair Kit


To make a Repair Kit, you will need to gather the following materials:

  • 12 Softwood
  • Five Hardwood
  • Two Fabric
  • One Iron Ingot

Crafting Fabric requires Cotton, which can take awhile to go. If you don’t want to wait, craft a Miracle Growth Elixir and then use it to make newly planted Cotton Seeds grow instantly.

If you have all these materials before starting the quest, you can go to the nearest crafting table right away and make the Carousel Repair Kit. Otherwise, gather the materials and then craft the repair kit which is listed under Functional Items. Once you have crafted the Carousel Repair Kit, find Woody and talk to him. After that, follow Woody to his Carousel. While the Carousel will look significantly better after Woody uses the kit, you aren’t finished with restoring it just yet.

Craft a Fuse Box


Whenever anything electric or mechanical comes up, the objective usually involves talking to WALL-E. He will eagerly give you a blueprint for making a fuse box. All the materials can be found in WALL-E’s realm. Both the Replacement Fuse and Electrical Component can be found by digging up any glittering spot in WALL-E’s realm. Of course, you will need more than just these materials to make the fuse box. The other materials needed are one Glass, five Hardwood, and one Iron Ingot.

Once everything has been gathered, go to the nearest crafting table and then make the Fuse Box. After that, return to Woody and give him the newly crafted Fuse Box. While it may seem like the quest will end once Woody installs the Fuse Box, that isn’t the case.

Go inside the Carousel to figure out what went wrong. All the machines inside are badly damaged and there is debris everywhere. Pick up all the parts and the toys lying on the ground to progress the quest. Once you give Woody all the parts, the quest will end.