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Searching for a 7DS Grand Cross tier list? You’ve come to the right place. Every obtainable character, including those from seasonal events and collaborations, has been ranked from S-tier to D-tier!

7DS Grand Cross is a mobile/PC gacha game that features a wide roster of characters from the Seven Deadly Sins franchise and many others! Relive the original story from 7DS on your mobile and interact with your favourite members of the series. With your band of trusty heroes, you can take to the battlefield in explosive boss fights and challenging PvP action.

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7DS Grand Cross Tier List

Not too sure if your characters are the best or worst in the game? No worries, check out the tier list below!

S Tier

The best characters in 7DS Grand Cross so far!

  • Blue Albedo
  • Dark Queen Hel
  • Dark Tyrant Demon King
  • Red Gowther
  • Dark Traitor Meliodas
  • Green Echidna
  • Red Freyja
  • Red Tarmiel
  • LR Blue Festival Ludociel
  • Green Festival Gowther
  • Red Tyr
  • Green Levi
  • Light Queen Elizabeth
  • Red Brunhild
  • Red Shalltear
  • Green Festival Zeldris
  • Dark Purgatory Meliodas
  • Light Eternal Rebirth Elizabeth
  • Blue Festival Berserk Etarossa
  • Green Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest
  • Light “The One” Ultimate Escanor
  • Light Mael of Sunshine
  • Blue Fairy King
  • Blue Festival Ludociel
  • Blue Demon King Meliodas
  • Green Brunhild
  • Red Festival Queen Diane
  • LR Red Lostvayne Meliodas

A Tier

Strong characters that are worth keeping around – use them alongside S-tier characters!

  • LR Red Princess Elizabeth
  • Blue Demon Cusack
  • Green Golden Wings Elaine
  • Green Valentine’s New Wings King
  • Green Filo
  • Red Summer Diane
  • Green Derieri
  • Red Feyr
  • Blue Tarmiel
  • LR Green Escanor
  • Blue Chandler
  • Red Princess Elizabeth
  • Blue Golden Wings Elaine
  • Green Ghislaine
  • Red Sigurd
  • Green Ragnarok Diane
  • Red Kizuna
  • Green Cocytus
  • Blue Ellatte
  • Red Derieri
  • Red Thonar
  • Blue “The One” Escanor
  • Red Eris
  • Red Skadi

B Tier

You could probably describe these characters as ‘average’, but they can be quite strong in certain situations.

  • Green Allioni
  • Blue Arthur
  • Blue Steadfast
  • Green Deathpierce
  • Green Gilthunder
  • Red Valentine’s Elaine
  • Green Cain
  • Green Estarossa
  • Green Halloween Awakened Eastin
  • Blue Gilthunder
  • Red Gloxinia
  • Green Chandler
  • Blue Eastin
  • Red Elizabeth
  • Red Escanor
  • Green Athena
  • Red Ellatte
  • Red Awakened Eastin
  • Red Eastin
  • Red Purgatory Ban
  • Red Arthur
  • Blue Camila
  • Red Ragnarok Ban

C Tier

These characters aren’t worth using and are a waste of resources.

  • Blue Nunchuck Ban
  • Green Dole
  • Blue Fraudrin
  • Red Galland
  • Blue Guardian Griamore
  • Blue Princess Elizabeth
  • Blue Halloween Elaine
  • Green Diane
  • Blue Galland
  • Blue Cadet Eren Yeager
  • Red Spring Goddess Elizabeth
  • Green Eastin
  • Blue Beatrice
  • Blue Valentine’s Derieri
  • Blue Eleven
  • Blue Drole

D Tier

The weakest characters in 7DS Grand Cross.

  • Blue Arden
  • Green Nunchuck Ban
  • Blue Bellion
  • Red Ban