7 Tallest Street Fighter Characters, Ranked


  • Street Fighter’s character designs are exaggerated and over-the-top, setting it apart from other fighting games like Mortal Kombat.
  • The series features characters of various sizes, from giants like Thrasher Damnd and Azam to the immense Hugo and Abigail.
  • These towering figures add a unique dynamic to gameplay, with some characters relying on their size and strength to intimidate opponents.

Street Fighter has always been known for having more of a “cartoony” visual style compared to its fighting game peers like Mortal Kombat and Tekken. As a result, this means the character designs can often be a lot more over-the-top and exaggerated, which is one of many reasons why the series has maintained such a high level of popularity ever since its early days in the arcade. Unlike other fighting games which try to keep its characters roughly the same size to even out the playing field, Street Fighter’s combatants come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with some being literal giants compared to their opponents.


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Still, considering the nature of Street Fighter’s gameplay, there aren’t any characters who are so big that they don’t fit on the screen, but there are definitely a few individuals who aren’t too far off. Here is a breakdown of the tallest characters ever seen in the Street Fighter series, along with their official height.

7 Thrasher Damnd

Height: 7′ 2″

Thrasher Damnd

  • First Appearance: Street Fighter 6
  • Release Date: June 2023
  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S & X, PC

Though Thrasher Damnd is originally from the Final Fight series, he made his Street Fighter debut in the latest entry, where he can be found in the World Tour Mode. As the leader of the merciless Mad Gear Gang, Thrasher proves his worth to the rest of the group by picking fights with anyone who stumbles into his territory, and his size most certainly helps with this, allowing him to tower over anyone brave enough to stand up to him.

While he does act as somewhat of a minor antagonist for parts of Street Fighter 6′s story, Thrasher still shows a lot of respect to the player for helping him and his gang out when they needed it the most. He only makes a brief appearance, but Thrasher’s size and vibrant appearance is more than enough to make an immediate impression from the moment he shows up.

6 Azam

Height: 7′ 2″

Rashid and Azam

  • First Appearance: Street Fighter 5 (Story)
  • Release Date: February 2016
  • Platforms: PS4, PC

Street Fighter fans might remember Azam from the fifth game where he acted as Rashid’s bodyguard and mentor. Even though players sadly don’t get to see Azam in action, it’s revealed that he was once a wrestler, which makes a lot of sense given his size. In fact, he even conjured up a close friendship with Zangief due to his involvement in the “Muscle Soul Fighters Club”. When he’s not throwing his opponents around a squared circle, Azam works as Rashid’s butler, which suggests he comes from some sort of wealthy background, maybe even of royalty.


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The truth is, barely anything is known about Azam since he’s largely overshadowed by Rashid, but one thing is clear; Azam could easily squash anyone in a fight if he really wanted to. Many fans have been very vocal about wanting Azam to be a DLC fighter at some point in the future, which would be a real treat for those players who enjoy using grappler characters.

5 F.A.N.G

Height: 7′ 3″


  • First Appearance: Street Fighter 5
  • Release Date: February 2016
  • Platforms: PS4, PC

The devious and shady Shadaloo member known as F.A.N.G made his debut in Street Fighter 5 where he was one of the game’s main villains. F.A.N.G’s cold and calculated personality already lends him an intimidating aura, but he’s also able to strike fear into the eyes of his enemies through his size, being much taller than nearly all of his Shadaloo companions.

This can admittedly be a little hard to notice though, since F.A.N.G is known for using weird snake-like movements when in combat, meaning he’s almost always perched low to the ground, waiting for his opportunity to strike. When standing up-right though, it comes as quite a shock just how large this guy really is; as if he didn’t already look powerful enough as it is.

4 Sagat

Height: 7′ 5″


  • First Appearance: Street Fighter
  • Release Date: August 1987
  • Platforms: Arcade, Xbox, PS2, PSP, Switch

Sagat is a recurring fighter who has appeared in nearly every Street Fighter game to date. He wasn’t actually playable in the first game though, as Sagat instead played the role of the big bad final boss who players would need to take down in order to complete their character’s arcade mode. Thankfully, Capcom decided to finally make the “Emperor of Muay Thai” fully playable in Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition, and it’s highly likely he will return in the form of DLC later down the line for Street Fighter 6.


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Sagat’s muscular build and permanent scowl which never leaves his face already makes him seem like a truly dangerous fighter, but what also contributes to this image is his height. Even though Ryu is Sagat’s longtime rival, the two are nowhere near comparable in size, but this is also a reason why Sagat came to admire Ryu so much after he beat him, since he never would have imagined someone so “Weak” could step up to a warrior like himself.

3 T. Hawk

Height: 7′ 7″


  • First Appearance: Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers
  • Release Date: October 1993
  • Platforms: Arcade, Dreamcast, GBA, PSP, PlayStation, SNES

Just as the name of the game implies, Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers introduced a few extra fighters into the base game for players to enjoy. Compared to the rest of the newcomers though such as Cammy and Dee Jay who were more agile and light on their feet, T. Hawk was clearly designed to be the big and bulky bruiser of the group, something which is immediately evident from his size alone.

Standing at well over 7 feet tall, there’s barely anyone in the universe of Street Fighter who can stand toe to toe with T. Hawk and his mighty stature. T. Hawk’s size can actually be quite deceiving, as although he does have a few command grabs and AOE attacks, he’s also able to use aerial maneuvers to catch his opponent off guard from the sky too. Therefore, he may have roughly the same strength as Zangief, but his fighting style is much more varied when compared to his counterpart.

2 Hugo

Height: 7′ 10″

Hugo enraged

  • First Appearance: Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact
  • Release Date: September 1997
  • Platforms: Arcade, Dreamcast

Hugo is another fighter who originally started off as nothing more than a thug in the Final Fight games, but it wasn’t long before Capcom decided to turn him into a fully playable character, making his grand debut in Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact. Hugo isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, and often relies on following the commands of his wrestling manager, Poison, to lead him into a fight and give him the confidence he needs to come out the victor.

Then again, it’s not exactly hard for Hugo to lose a fight since he stands at nearly 8 feet tall, and if he ever did decide to go off the rails, he could end up causing some serious chaos, since barely anyone can match his unrivaled strength. Hugo’s enormous size does begin to make a lot more sense when learning that his design was inspired by the iconic French wrestler Andre the Giant, with the two sharing the same birthday and having very similar wrestling gear.

1 Abigail

Height: 8′ 0″

Abigail punching Ed

  • First Appearance: Street Fighter 5
  • Release Date: February 2016
  • Platforms: PS4, PC

Because of how massive Abigail is shown to be in the Final Fight games, a lot of fans had doubts he would be able to ever become a playable character in Street Fighter. However, Capcom not only introduced Abigail as a playable fighter in the second season of Street Fighter 5, but they also made no attempt to minimize his size. This ended up being quite a divisive decision, as though some players liked that the design was faithful to the source material, the fact Abigail takes up so much of the screen was a bit irritating for others.

Nonetheless, it’s hard not to start shaking a little upon seeing Abigail on the other side of the screen, especially when also keeping in mind how hard-hitting a lot of his attacks are. Abigail may not make a physical appearance in Street Fighter 6, but he does still show up on a billboard in Metro City where he can be seen flexing his muscular body for the world to admire. Whether he returns as a DLC character is unclear, but it would be interesting to see if Capcom decided to make his size a little more manageable if he were to come back.


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